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  1. well, it will give Ralph something else to talk about besides making a statement, LOL
  2. i have a 2015, mine hangs or rises in gear, when i shift to neutral, and let out the clutch it goes back to normal. shift into gear it rises back up... i got over the mental side of it real quick, although i dont know what causes it, it runs like a BEAST.
  3. looks like an 06 frame with the groove down the main spar...
  4. i have a set of Wiseco Stage 2 cams for a 2012, yours for 100 bucks. brand new...
  5. i bought one this summer, i LOVE it... prolly some of the best stock suspension i have felt. im a 170 vet b racer, and the BIKE hasnt hurt me yet. nice solid machine
  6. mechanically broken somewhere... is the little lever arm on the right side stripped and slipping on the verticle shaft that goes down in the case? at the bottom of that shaft in the left case it should have an eccentric on it( i think) that actually pushes on the pushrod... my bet is this external connection is broken and slipping...
  7. exactly the reason i refuse to sell my mint hard raced 2012 kx450, LOL
  8. http://www.kawasakipartshouse.com/oemparts/p/kawasaki/92173-0026/clamp
  9. http://www.kawasakipartshouse.com/oemparts/a/kaw/500b6e61f8700223e47980e8/muffler-s
  10. if the bike will shift w/o the lever pulled all the way in, then that is far enough, you only have to pull it far enough to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish, you wouldnt pull it all the way in to slip the clutch, and you wont pull it all the way in to shift up or down.
  11. thats called a motorhome where he's from. Prolly went in there to get his IV between motos. haha
  12. personally i feel kinda bad for AC, hes the MX equivalent of a boyband, as soon as his nuts drop and he starts growing, his popularity and successes drop to Average.
  13. maybe they could ride share and split the cost, split a bag, share a needle, double tap a bag, haha. are these guys crashing and getting injured during the week because they arent taking their Aderal except at the races? haha
  14. who cant afford it, the whole IV saline setup prolly costs less than $15. Or are you saying that they are hooking up more than hydration? crank up the drip and the bag is empty in 10 minutes....
  15. I like guys who try quietly, tooting your own horn about needing the money is IGNORANT. and thats probably the exact reason that most people jumped off his wagon.