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  1. GBowman

    1990 Anaheim SX - Bradshaw's holeshot

    Definitely not the same, the suspension is why they can do what they do.
  2. GBowman

    Yearly Reminder that JGR is garbage

    they hired your hero and all he did was whine about the bike and set them back 5 years.
  3. GBowman

    1990 Anaheim SX - Bradshaw's holeshot

    They still had 20k forks back then? Yes they would, different bike different, different tracks. That outside berm is why he could do it, todays first turns are flat tracks.
  4. GBowman

    Yamaha’s A1 Sweep

    I was a fast local guy when I was young, went to my first national and got passed in practice like I waa in reverse by guys I'd never heard of. Its a huge jump from local pro to a top guy, and its why one guy is making 350k and the other makes a couple hundred a week.
  5. GBowman

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    I mentioned in another thread he went down hard last week an spent a few days off the bike.
  6. GBowman

    2019 Supercross Anaheim 1_ Official Smack Talk

    The champ deserves it, his douchey riding has put plenty of riders on the ground.
  7. GBowman

    Tickle Suspended

    The fact remains, he tooks a performance enhancing drug. Willingly or unwillingly he did it. So why does everyone want him to get preferential treatment?
  8. GBowman

    Osborne down!

    It was never considered because he is already on a good bike with a good program and Zack wont be out long enough.
  9. GBowman

    Osborne down!

    2, Rockstar and Husky were both helping him. He's getting a good salary from Rockstar and free bikes with factory parts from Husky.
  10. GBowman

    338 vs 51

    Reed never sponsored him. Reed was willing to help him, he declined. Most riders have high intelligence, they're just not educated in ways that most are. Josh Hansen is a very intelligent guy, but made a lot of stupid choices while young. Jason same thing, he isn't a stupid kid, he's just an idiot. He was smart enough to do certain things that benefited him, but to dumb to make right choices. Jeff and Mike Alessi are both really smart kids, that lack a good education. Most successful riders are both intelligent and fast.
  11. GBowman

    Tomac Injured

    Zack out for A1, possibly more.
  12. GBowman

    338 vs 51

    Someone who doesn't like me said its what I should change my sig to, so I copied and pasted it. Apparently I'm condescending towards people. I don't see it, but hey, can't please everyone.
  13. GBowman

    338 vs 51

    His grand father payed for everything and he still treated him like crap. He was just a different type of kid. I'll admit, I got to know him and even liked him, but his bad boy alter ego took over and his act got tiring. He burned bridge after bridge until there were no more. His money came/comes from a few sources, he made very good money as a factory rider during the best financial times of the sport. A 250 title is worth close to a million with all the purse and bonus money. His agent was a big wig at Monster and signed him to a huge Monster contract that his agent got 10% of.
  14. GBowman

    Tomac Injured

    A lot of guys have crashed and been off the bike this off season but nobody will let out any info on how bad. Plessinger waa off the bike 3 days last week. Zac was off and possibly still is. Moosecan just started riding 2 weeks ago. Tomac was off for a couple weeks and possibly still. Anderson took a big hit last week. Stewy was off the bike for 10 days. Thats about all I can let out.
  15. GBowman

    338 vs 51

    Jlaw is a victim of his own idiocy. Million dollar talent in a 10 cent head. Such a stupid, stupid kid.