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  1. TravisFarmer

    1980 somthing CR125

    Found a GEM gonna try and pick it up, Same as my old bike and matches my 230 Perfect http://www.kijiji.ca/v-dirt-bikes-motocross/oshawa-durham-region/2006-crf-100-rolling-chassis/1039332732?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  2. TravisFarmer

    1980 somthing CR125

    No offense to me man, i dont own them. Thing is, i have a fresh rebuilt a motor and a couple hundred to get this done. More important projects take the bulk of my $$$, maybe all just wait till i see a deal and finish off my truck...
  3. TravisFarmer

    1980 somthing CR125

    Not a bike but this looks pretty good, Even though its chinese its pretty new. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-atv/city-of-toronto/300cc-quad-for-sale/1037112403
  4. TravisFarmer

    1980 somthing CR125

    Im capable its the wallet thats hurting...
  5. TravisFarmer

    1980 somthing CR125

    Better buy? http://www.kijiji.ca/v-dirt-bikes-motocross/mississauga-peel-region/1984-suzuki-rm-250-parts/1036999294?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  6. TravisFarmer

    1980 somthing CR125

    So think i just find a better rolling chassis? i have motor and everything needed to make her run, i need a bike without a motor basicly, If that had working brakes and plastics it would be perfect
  7. TravisFarmer

    1980 somthing CR125

    Need a bike for a motor swap project, this popped up, can get it for $100 delivered. Not sure if its worth it, what you see is what it comes with. Not gonna lie its getting a 600 Tripple with a centrifugal clutch. 3 areas that worry me 1. Brakes, it appears to have 0 back breaks, No front break handle, This thing needs to stop lol 2. Not a big issue but theres no chain, or front sprocket 3. No plastics, found a cheap set of plastics off a 88 Think this will be economical or am i better off to find a complete bike a start with that? Never seen this bike in person or dont know much about it Friend of a friend... thats the only picture ive been givin http://www.kijiji.ca/v-motorcycle-parts-accessories/st-catharines/88-cr-125-plastics/1014443493?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  8. TravisFarmer

    2006 Crf 230 build

    This is my 230. Not 100% sure on what im doing with the bike yet. anyways, ill update progress as she goes. Did another documented build to a 1995 Polaris xlt here http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1033538-my-95-xlt-build/ Anyways here she is Off the truck For mods so far it has, pro taper bars, baja designs tail light head light, moose racing hand guards and maybe a skid plate, unless its original. its plastic and kinda flimsy. Not sure what it has for a stator. As far as i know all else is original. When i bought it, it only ran on full choke, Carb is full of varnish Pulled air box, air filter wasn't to dirty, will clean it though, after i pulled carb, and thats where i stopped for the night will get back into it tomorrow Any body ever heard of durabatt?
  9. holly crap, hope everything worked out all right
  10. TravisFarmer

    Stats project on the drz. Please help

    1.) Do you own a DRZ 400? No 2.) Gender (male)/(female)? Male 3.) Age? 15 4.) What year is your DRZ? 5.) Would you consider your DRZ to be: (Stock),(lightly modified), (heavily modified)? "heavily modified would entail internal engine work where the other two would not" 6.) How many miles are on your DRZ? 7.) Do you perform Regular maintanence on your DRZ? 8.) During the time you have owned it, Would you consider your DRZ to be: (Reliable and worry Free), (Somewhat troublesome), (Extremely Troublesome)? Hopefully in spring i will have one
  11. TravisFarmer

    Polaris 600 LE (1986)

    is it a liquid or fan? post more pics id love to see them :)
  12. TravisFarmer

    Ontario Canada

    Are conversions still being done, if they are it would change everything, right now im looking at a drz 400, or a dr 350, if i could convert a dirt bike. Id be much better off.
  13. TravisFarmer

    Ontario Canada

    Cool bikes everyone
  14. TravisFarmer

    Ontario Canada

    Just wondering what other people in ontario ride? Since Conversions are no longer, legal here.
  15. TravisFarmer

    1983 CR250

    The guy posted new pictures, not as pretty as i thought, looks used and abused, but none the less, all offer him $500 and will see.