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    Ohlins TTX insert or revalve on KTM 350sxf?

    thanks for the feedback. I will go with revalve as I can't justify the full ohlins fork setup price.
  2. I have used the racetech website on a few bikes to work out spring rates and find it ok. allows for weight and type of riding etc. I needed to go up several spring rates because i'm 120kg.
  3. I am looking at upgrading suspension on 2011 KTM350sxf and have several options. Need some advice I have upgraded to heavier springs front and back to suit my weight already and have tried to find balance of settings with clickers but know it can be better that current.6ft 5 and 265 pounds riding moto at clubmen level and occasional trail ride. A mate is selling his 2011 KTM 125sx and may have a chance to get Ohlins TTX insert for reasonable price.(comparable to revalve price) Is this a good idea or preferable to get a revalve on standard gear? Will the valving be suitable for me and 350 or need further work. I assume my upgraded springs will work with inserts. If not can someone correct me. The more I search online the more I am confused. Any help appreciated.