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  1. I don't even want to register it to me, it's a clear CA title and a June 2010 red sticker. Just swap the crap in and put it on craigslist that night and sell it quick. Shouldn't matter? Already paid for the frame just waiting for it to show up
  2. Yeah thats possible, I wonder what that would be. I would be buying, as it would appear on paper, the "legal item". It kind of reminds me of buying gun parts, the receiver itself with the numbers on it is the gun and thats what you are registering. Everything else is just parts. Sounds familiar, I don't know what I would be violating if what I'm buying is legally the vehicle. Kinda like buying a car shell with the VIN attached to it and I put all new parts in it?
  3. wantmorepower

    Quick Yes or no on this one

    On everything, every little nut and bolt?
  4. Thanks, but I already knew that, I've been there six different times and saw a different clerk each time. I tried applying for a new title, duplicate, filled out the statement of facts, made a phony bill of sale, it came down to the same crap each time, they need something, anything that proves ownership to me. Without it, I'm hosed. Tried to get an MSO, MCO, but apparently they only issue them once, and if they are lost or destroyed they don't issue another. I know I said it a bunch of times, but I need something that proves that its mine, and since it was never registered in Hawaii, because they don't even look at dirt bikes, Hawaii DMV has nothing to give me. For the amount of hassle and bs I have to filter through and the amount of hours I have spent and probably will continue to spend at the local DMV, I found a fresh frame with CA paperwork on ebay for $175. It will take me 2 maybe 3 hours start to finish to swap everything out, then I can sell the bike, and the original frame I have too. With that amount of time at the DMV they wouldn't even get halfway to my number.
  5. DMV doesn't help. There is no record of title, so applying for a lost or duplicate title won't work. They need something from me that proves that its mine, it was never registered anywhere. Trust me I tried every avenue to register it. I don't want to keep going back and spending 2 hours there to have some moron behind the counter say I'm out of luck. CA dmv and HI dmv don't help. And I don't ride it, at all, thats why I want to sell it
  6. wantmorepower

    Quick Yes or no on this one

    I need to swap everything out of my 04 CRF450R into the frame of an 2003. Aren't they the same? Anything I should know?
  7. They are in excellent condition, for that much $ I found a frame with CA paperwork for $175, I could swap all the goodies out in a few hours and sell it for more than that, when it was listed in Sacramento craigslist for 2600 I had people say they wanted it that night! Anyone else care to chime in, help is greatly appreciated. Here's what it looks like to get an idea:
  8. Hey guys, I have a problem and its been following me for a while now with no solution in sight, maybe you can help. Here's my story: When I was living in Hawaii I bought a 2004 Honda CRF450R, rode it for a few months on the limited area available to me. Moved on to other things and didn't ride it much. Fast forward 2 years and I moved to California and brought the bike with me. When I bought it the darn thing, it had zero paperwork, no title, MSO, nothing. Not required in Hawaii, and even if I wanted it back then, they wouldn't give it to me. So now I'm in CA and can't get around the cluster f**k to register it. DMV sez "no title, no MSO, no registration. period" Trust me I tried just about everything, I even have it listed for sale in Reno, NV where there are no title requirements, and at a discounted price. It's been listed for months and had no bites. So I was either thinking to take it apart and sell everything, but I don't know what kind of market there is for that kind of thing, I have a feeling I won't get much for any of it. Or the other option is to find a CA frame on eBay with paperwork and swap everything into that. If I could get more from selling all the parts than I could from selling the complete bike, I'll do that. Which do you think is a better idea? Thanks
  9. wantmorepower

    Chromed/polished OR BRUSHED/STOCK FINISH

    All a matter of opinion, I think it looks best on the older bikes. Mine was so unsightly from the previous owner it wasn't really an option. I'm happy with it. The clutch cover is temporary until I can find the best way to paint it.
  10. wantmorepower

    brushed frame pics

    what does that do? a mild shine?
  11. wantmorepower

    What Are Your Daily Drivers?

    1996. 250K+ Doesn't do that well with gas but fairly decent for its size. I don't drive much, distances are short in Hawaii.
  12. wantmorepower

    Best Way to lift a truck bed.....

    Just drop the tank, believe me it will be much less hassle than yanking the bed off. I've only done it four times, but i've been able to have the whole thing out in 10 minutes. Make sure you buy a good replacement pump and wiring harness, not a rebuilt.
  13. wantmorepower

    04 crf450r motor problems?

    You will have nothing but problems with your valves if you never change your oil and never adjust them. There is no inherent manufacturing defect in the valve train.
  14. Do you guys ever get hassled with that dark window tint in CA?
  15. wantmorepower

    finished shimming valves.. now bike wont start..

    Happened to me once. One or more of the shims on the valve lifter(bucket looking thing with the shim in it) fell out of the recessed area where the shim sits, still in there, but not where it should be. When that makes contact with the valve it holds it open, causing a compression loss. Hope this helps