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  1. Somebody please help me. I have been looking for these for months with no luck and the dealership doesn't have a part number for them. It's an 05 yz250f and the three o-rings on the brass piece are bad. WHERE CAN I FIND THESE???!!!???
  2. Its an 05 YZ250F that had the carb drained for the winter. Today i went to start it up, change the oil, etc. Just some general maintenance. I turned the gas to the on position and now it is dripping where the brass fitting on the fuel line meets the carb. I know for sure its not where the line fits over the brass fitting, its definately where the brass fitting meets the carb. Any suggestions? thanks
  3. Matriox HD

    Is a CR500 a good first bike?

    Haha it's all in good fun guys just wanted to see what kind of awesome answers I'd get!
  4. Just what the title says. I'm 5'7" 165 pounds and im looking for a good bike. I love danger an living on the edge. Thanks
  5. Matriox HD

    Are 2 strokes difficult to ride?

    Are they as much work as people say?
  6. I currently have a 250f and am thinking abou getting a 125 or 250 2 stroke. I don't have a lot of experience and I've never ridden a 2 stroke in my life. Thanks
  7. Matriox HD

    Stripped drain hole?

    So ive got a 250f with a stripped oil drain hole. I was able to get the drain bolt to hold but I don't want to take it off and risk not being able to put it back on. So what can I do? There is a crankcase drain bolt and this one is on the frame in the front so, so will I still be able to drain the oil fully when changing it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Carter
  8. Go the cheap way and buy some Velcro and stitch it on, strap up before the race.
  9. Matriox HD

    O ring mod

    Can someone explain to me what the o ring mod is and what it does?
  10. Matriox HD

    1st gear idle problem

    Just taking a guess here because im new to bikes but try adjusting your clutch. Let me know if that works out for you!
  11. Matriox HD

    Throttle sticking?

    nope, i bought it from the guy and it didnt idle at all, wasnt tuned correctly. it still isnt tuned correctly haha, but it did idle, and does now, just not correctly. i havent had anywhere to ride it and check the sparkplugs to get the air fuel mixture right, but im gonna get on that this week or next.
  12. Matriox HD

    Throttle sticking?

    just some autozone brand carb and choke cleaner in a spray can, did not dip it in the really good stuff
  13. Matriox HD

    Throttle sticking?

    I should also add that the carburetor hasn't been tuned properly.. It was like that when i bought it and haven't played around with it enough.. Could this be the cause of my problem?
  14. Matriox HD

    Throttle sticking?

    so, i recently bought my bike and am having some problems. i have cleaned the carburator and all the jetting, lubed the cables with some wd-40, lubed and cleaned the housing next to the throttle grip, and lubed the bars where the throttle grip slides on. everytime i am riding it, if i open up the throttle about a quarter to half way in first gear and let off the throttle, it doesnt return to idle speed, and after i do this if i pull in the clutch it will rev even higher. any suggestions are appreciated! thanks! btw it is a 2005 250 4stroke
  15. Matriox HD

    Throttle sticking?

    It is an 05 250f