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  1. yamaharider82

    yz250f rear suspension

    I just got my 01 yz250f and i have noticed that the rear suspension is too soft for racing motocross i bottom out easily. im about 150 lbs. what can be done to tighten it up..it has been worked by proaction but how can i set it for me? i have also heard that the canister should be recharged about once a year with nitrogen but the guys at the local shop didnt know what i was talking about..could that be why its too soft?
  2. yamaharider82

    motocross gear ratios

    what is everyone that rides motocross/supercross using for their gear ratios..im running a 13/50 and it seems a little too low geared when i race at a local supercross track. what changes should i do to help?
  3. yamaharider82

    yz250f top end rebuild

    also how hard of a job is it to do and does anything else have to be done to replace the piston
  4. yamaharider82

    yz250f top end rebuild

    where is a good place to buy a piston and rings from
  5. yamaharider82

    yz250f top end rebuild

    how often should i replace a new top end in my yz250f.. mine is an 01 it runs great but i have noticed lately that it does not run as smooth as the newer models i have seen and heard at the track. could this be that it needs a fresh piston and rings, or maybe just the jetting is wrong?