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  1. Montana-Snipe

    Screw Toyota and the Tacoma

    I had a vehicle go in to a dealership for a "check engine light", it was a faulty coil pack and beyond the 3/36 warranty. They managed to sell 800.00 job to the tune of 1800.00 and did every conceivable service under the sun. I was able to recoup about 250.00 but needless to say I will steer far and wide from this dealership in particular.
  2. Montana-Snipe

    AWRCS rd. 2 Parker PA

    It's in PA...
  3. Montana-Snipe

    I think I dislocated a rib...

    As much as it hurts, it was totally worth it!
  4. Montana-Snipe

    I think I dislocated a rib...

    It involved a blonde woman... my wife!!!
  5. Montana-Snipe

    I think I dislocated a rib...

    Not sure if the ER or Chiropractor is a better choice? Doesn't feel very good, sleeping last night could've been better. Just looking for some insight.
  6. 35 minutes ago, I'd have been right place, right time!!
  7. What are you using to edit? Nice video BTW!!
  8. Montana-Snipe

    2014 Honda CRF450X idle problems!

    While I think your problem is fuel related too, I would also check my valve clearance.
  9. Montana-Snipe

    IMS 3.2 Shrouds fit poor

    When did this guy get back in town???
  10. Montana-Snipe

    Finally pulled the trigger... And bought a 2013

    So I finally jetted my trusty steed with the FMF kit, and couldn't be more pleased, I also drilled out that STUPID PLUG and installed a Works Connection fuel screw. I've rode the south hills, just in the other side of the river in Billings and BLM, Ah Nei which has some pretty dang good single track. I was running it pretty dang hard, each lap was about 6.5 miles. I was hesitant about jetting it with out the muffler, but it's running soooooo much better than before. Should be pretty simple when it gets here!
  11. Montana-Snipe

    Finally pulled the trigger... And bought a 2013

    I orders the fuel screw and FMF "power up kit" Jet kit. The reason behind it was I intend to run an FMF exhaust system. I'm not gonna jet it until I can get a muffler for it.
  12. Montana-Snipe

    Finally pulled the trigger... And bought a 2013

    I'm gonna research parts when I head back over to North Dakota in my spare time. I planned on the JD kit, smog delete and hopefully exhaust. I'm nervous about jetting it though, guess that's why there's instructions. I keep thinking about how smooth my 05' X was, that's what I'm shooting for. Thanks for the information, too!
  13. Montana-Snipe

    Finally pulled the trigger... And bought a 2013

    So my thoughts and reviews of this bike... I was secretly comparing it to my old 2005 450X but I never let it know! The power was exceptional, I tore the South Hills up around Billings and had lots of good hill climbs and single track! There were two when I got back to Montana almost a month ago and only one today, so when I decided I was going to buy it I took it for a nice little 15 minute ride around the dealers lots. Brought it home and rode it fairly hard, let it cool and then another ride varying speeds and RPM's, then It got an oil change and filter. I was still running a full quart in the transmission and .75 in the engine. I used Shell Rotella 15W-40 which I always ran in the old bike. I still need to work on the suspension and fiddle with it. The seat is less than comfortable. I want to get aftermarket exhaust and I HONESTLY think it needs to be jetted, because it idles like shit, constantly dies and when I let off the throttle it "idles" (use that term loosely) higher than the recommended 1700 +/- 100 RPM and makes for a difficult ride when it wants to accelerate down the hill and you just want to coast. I haven't got to ride like this for over 4 years and it absolutely sucked, I had an absolute blast!!
  14. Montana-Snipe

    Finally pulled the trigger... And bought a 2013

    Thanks brother!!
  15. Montana-Snipe

    Finally pulled the trigger... And bought a 2013

    I was about 7800(ish) out the door HD.