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    "Problems found?!?"

    I have ran one tank of gas through my bike. I have changed the bars,chain, and tires. I greased the shock linkage and steering stem bearings when I got the bike. Mine was completly dry, every bearing. I urge everyone to check all bearings on there new bikes. Other than that no problems, love the bike.
  2. fred

    Spark Plugs & Oil Filters

    I am a Service Manager at a honda shop. I have a new crf450. I got my plugs and filters from Honda on Wednesday. Most parts for this bike are avaible. The NGK plugs are on backorder, but the Nippondenso plugs are avaible. I will get the part #s and submit them for everyone.
  3. fred

    Yamaha - tech exchange ; starting

    Thanks for the tip Weld-It. I called my dealer today and had it faxed to me. For all my WR/YZ250F brothers out there, here is basically what it says (simple one page document): "If the engine is hard to start during Predelivery Inspection (PDI) or after carburetor repairs, the idle speed may be set too low. Here is an initial setting procedure you can use to get the engine started. (be sure to adj. idle speed to 1700-1900 rmp after the engine has thoroughly warmed.) The initial idle speed adjustment can easily be reset by performing the following procedure: 1) remove black dust cover from left side of carb so you see throttle stop and pulley. 2) turn idle speed adjustment knob counterclockwise until the throttle stop no longer contacts the throttle pulley. 3) turn the idle speed adjustment knob clockwise until the throttle stop just begins to contact the throttle pulley, then turn the knob clockwise 5 turns. 4) reinstall the dust cover 5) follow starting procedure in owner's service manual to start engine. 6) thoroughly warm the engine and set idle speed to 1700-1900 rpm using an inductive tachometer"
  4. fred

    YZ/WR250F factory survey

    is there a registration card you mailed in or something to get that survey? if so, where is this card?
  5. fred


    Check the torque on your head bolts and other bolts and screws...I have seen cases where they get real loose during break-in and riding in general.
  6. same here....that is definitely a screwed-up design! Somebody needs to make an aftermarket footpeg w/ proper stop to protect the starter lever
  7. fred

    Moisture Flap

    My WR250F came with this black piece of plastic that is supposed to slip in next to the gas tank to "prevent moisture from getting on the carb when riding in the rain". Does anyone use this thing? Why isn't this installed at the factory?
  8. I am curious too..what assembly/prep is actually required? Add oil? Put on Front wheel? etc.etc. Thanks in advance!
  9. fred

    Frame numbers

    My WR250F just arrived at the dealership yesterday and I picked it up last night!! Frame# 1272 - Charleston, SC
  10. fred

    250F rear tire size?

    AIRSTYLE: Hey could you summarize what's on that tape? I'd love to see it but I doubt my dealer would hand it over if they even got one. Thanks in advance - Fred
  11. If anyone is selling, let me know..
  12. should I change my tripple clamps bars.. fill cramped when I ride..
  13. fred

    WR 250 Accessories

    What is it like to ride WR250F being only 5'6" ? How do you start it? I am 5' 8" and have a WR250F on order but I've not sat on one yet. I'm a bit worried about the seat height. I have 30" inseam. Thanks for any insight. Fred
  14. fred

    YZ250F exhaust systems

    Hey MotoMilt, can U tell us what Dirt Rider says about the WR250F ? I called around and the April issue won't be on my local shelves until next week. Thanks!!!