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  1. tsouth556

    NBC gold app

    Does anyone know if you can log in with multiple devices with the gold app? Example being: I travel a lot and my wife also watches SX so can I be on my phone/computer watching and she can be at home on our tv watching with the same log in?
  2. Every company has there own theory on spring rate. You can use a softer spring with more preload to get the same sag number, or a stiffer spring with less preload to get the same sag number. RT focuses on rate and preload to get correct sag and does not look at static sag numbers anymore. Typically they do not recommend going over 10mm of preload on a shock spring. The more you preload a spring the more initial force it has to be overcome to get the suspension to move. A light spring with a lot of preload will cause the suspension to be harsh on the initial part of the stroke.
  3. 1” shorter at the shock will be approx 2.5” at the wheel.
  4. tsouth556

    Race Tech Gold valves

    Sounds like your on the right track. The only other thing I would suggest is making 100% sure that your G2R valve recess and your restrictor stack are the same height. I have seen many of these set ups where the restrictor stack is .05-.10mm taller then the pocket in the valve which would cause a HUGE bleed. Don’t take the instructions word for it actually measure the lip on the piston in multiple spots to make sure.
  5. tsouth556

    Race Tech Gold valves

    Did you install adjustable compression bases? What about the low speed sealing kit? If more hold up is what you are looking for and you do not have the RT compression bases them I would suggest getting them as they have the ability to run a LSV stack. The low speed sealing kit will also stiffen the entire range by sealing the bleeds in the cartridge.
  6. tsouth556

    Stuck on CRF250L Race Tech Gold Valve

    Holy compression stack. There is no way that is what the DVS said to run??
  7. First pic is of a closed end coil spring Second pic is of a open ended beta spring
  8. Against a spring that starts as a 5.0 and ends as a 5.4..... absolutely
  9. No racetech uses closed coil springs. There springs will measure the same rate all the way to coil bind.
  10. Racetech is what we use on all the betas
  11. What spring brand you use also makes a huge difference. The beta springs use a open ended coil spring so the rate is not consistent like a closed coil spring. Here is what the last spring I measured came in at. It was labeled as a 5.4kg from beta 10-30mm compression 5.0 30-50mm compression 5.1 50-70mm compression 5.2 70-90mm compression 5.3 90-110mm compression 5.4 The problem here is that the shock shaft only has 133mm of travel and typically 8-10mm of preload on the spring. This means that the bike won’t see the 5.4 rate until the last 1/3 of the travel. I always suggest using a “hi performance” spring that way the rate is consistent through the entire travel. Being that your numbers are close with the open coil spring I would suggest going to a 5.4kg hi-performance spring over going up in rate on a open coil spring.
  12. Here is a plug and play beta fender eliminator for the guys who don’t want to / can’t do it themselves! Installed super easy already wired and everything!
  13. tsouth556

    Suspension gurus check this out !!!

    Not as common with Showa as it is with kyb but I have seen it. Check to make sure the lower tube isn't coming loose from the fork foot.
  14. tsouth556

    05 Crf450r rt gold valve valvin

    Call or email tech support for RT. They are in the switch over stage from the old DVS to the new DVS and I have herd of it causing some bugs. They will get u straighten out but I don't believe they will be open until after the 4th.
  15. tsouth556

    Wr400 gold valves

    Those are knock off gold valves