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  1. Does anyone know of any websites that sell grey plastic kits for 2013 crf250r? I've looked on acerbis, cycra, and polisport but it seems like its only 18's and 19's that have grey. Maybe I'm just shit out of luck
  2. Not even mad about the 10 year necro. Those pictures are nice
  3. When you guys are riding your 250's on faster tracks, do you find yourself using 4th quite a bit? I feel like 3rd gear for some straights and jumps is not enough, but I also feel like I have less control jumping in 4th. What's the max distance you would jump in 3rd gear?
  4. I'm assuming aluminum plates are stock then?
  5. How did you find out it's normal? Yea I think it'll be a winter project, season is almost done here
  6. It's 2013 crf250r, and I've never cracked the clutch cover open, even though I probably should have. I've never had the smallest problem with the clutch before this. I change my engine and tranny oil every ten as well or after every hard ride
  7. I've had dirty greyish coloured tranny oil the past 2 oil changes, both of them being after fairly hard rides, and both times the oil came out a grayish colour. Is this just normal wear on the clutch plates? Or is this something I should be thinking about replacing my clutch pack? I haven't really noticed any major slipping or anything like that, but I haven't really been watching for it either.
  8. What's your preferred chain, DID or rk? I ride my bike fairly hard so I need something a bit tougher
  9. Man I don't want to spend 140 on a chain lol I'm just gonna go with the primary drive most likely. How do you like the dirt tricks sprocket?
  10. Yea thats my thought as well, and honestly primary drive has had better reviews than big brands so I'm down with that. Their sprockets are good too?
  11. Do you know if the crf250r's have clearance problems? I've heard about some bikes do but not sure which ones. That's a pretty pricey chain too, might be leaning towards the primary drive one
  12. Yea I've read some good things about them. Seems like everyone loves em
  13. I'm looking for a new chain and probably sprockets so what are you guys running? These are my top 3 right now Rk 520mxz4 DID 520dz2 DID 520ert2
  14. No I haven't lost any coolant so I don't think it's that. I doubt it would get in behind the sprocket cause I don't really blast anything hard
  15. Yea I see the vent now, but how would water get in there if the bike is running and hose isn't broken? Could it have gotten some negative pressure when I stalled and then sucked some water?
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