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  1. Pit261

    2006 plastics

    The radiator shrouds are a little different from '06-07, but that's it. The rest is the same.
  2. Pit261

    2007 RMZ 450 Forks. Please help.

    The stock spec for the inner chamber is 192cc but as stated above you bleed the excess out. The stock spec for outer chamber is 350cc.
  3. Pit261

    06 rm125 into a eg144...porting options?

    I have the same bike - 06 RM125 with EG 144 kit. I am also not exactly the target weight for the bike and am heavier then you. I went with the Mo Better power and love the way it runs. I have a Bill's pipe that I found as leftover stock and originally put on a shorty silencer. The shorty took away topend so I went back to a longer silencer. I also have vForce reeds. Runs awesome and everyone that has ridden it loved it. I think the mid/top power (especially for people like us that aren't 130lbs) would make it too hard to ride and not as much fun. Mine totally barks and is a blast to ride.
  4. Pit261

    Lightspeed Ti pegs

    No, I mean aren't the stock Suzuki pegs Ti?
  5. Pit261

    Lightspeed Ti pegs

    Don't they already have Ti pegs stock?
  6. Pit261

    Rm 125 06-08 showa TC fork rod seal size?

    Race Tech also lists them as 17 for the RM and 18 for the others.
  7. Pit261

    2007 RM-Z 450

    I had an '07 for a few seasons and just sold it in the spring of this year. It was a good bike and I had no complaints or mechanical issues with it. I also liked the 4 speed tranny, but I can see why they are 5 speeds now (I have a 2011 now). I took a trip in 2010 out to Glen Helen and raced the '07 there and I felt like I needed more going down their long start straight. These early model RMZ450s were not all that fast -- you can really wake them up by putting an exhaust on them.
  8. Pit261

    RMZ 450 SHOCK 2005

    Sorry, I meant the ID of the internal parts at the top of the shaft is different. Piston, valve shims ID is larger 2010 - current. Seal head, bumper are the same 18mm.
  9. Pit261

    Race bike mods?

    The one thing I would recommend for racing is to put a glide plate on to protect the engine cases from any damage. The bike is more than competitive and reliable enough to get you to LL in any of the classes. I race a lot of LL events and what I find is having spare parts is also very important. I bring spare wheels, shifter, rear brake pedal, exhaust, clutch cover, clutch plates, fork guards, radiators, etc to the big races. Would suck to drive 8 hours to a Regional and then rip a radiator off in a first turn pileup. I run 2-3 classes so having all the spares at least allows me to make the other motos.
  10. Pit261

    Pipe choice for Gorr 144 Big Bore

    I have a Bill's on my RM144, it runs awesome.
  11. Pit261

    Rear hub spacer

    I have one handy. It measured 102mm.
  12. Pit261

    Another 2013 Suzuki RMZ Review is Up

    Honestly they felt very similar. The biggest difference was the 2013 was brand new and everything felt stiff and new. My 2011 has full Race Tech suspension so it felt a little more cushy.
  13. Pit261

    Another 2013 Suzuki RMZ Review is Up

    My friend just picked one up last week and he loves it. I recently got on a 2011. In comparison they feel very similar, awesome!
  14. Pit261

    2011 RMZ 450 thoughts and opinions

    I just recently got an 11 and it is awesome. Love it.
  15. Pit261

    RMZ 450 SHOCK 2005

    It will physically bolt on and operate on all the years. In 2010 they changed the diameter of the shaft.