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  1. K-dogg

    Track for sale - Sand Hill Ranch - Brentwood, CA

    Update. http://tinyurl.com/owu47kh https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diablo-MX-Ranch/436028366533555
  2. K-dogg

    CR 125 Tuning where to start and what to do

    I may be wrong but, doesn't Honda sell a 1999 spec CR125R engine for the kart guys? http://hpd.honda.com/racing-line/racing-line-store/part.aspx?program=karting&number=HC0013
  3. K-dogg

    01 CR250 ignition

    eBay? Zeeltronic, Ignitech.
  4. K-dogg

    Honda ez90 cub opinion

    Wish I lived closer. I'd give you more.
  5. K-dogg

    Honda ez90 cub opinion

    Build it. I know people who would buy the bike.
  6. K-dogg

    Gen 5 CR500

    This one is getting the chop!
  7. K-dogg

    Gen 5 CR500

  8. K-dogg

    Gen 5 CR500

    This one has a new chassis. Anyone need a new 2013 CRF450R complete engine?
  9. K-dogg

    New 201? CR250

    Here is a link to the text of the editorial.
  10. K-dogg

    FMF Racing Re-Releases Fatty for CR500R

    The 500 is not dead, thanks!
  11. F/U Davy Jones. F/U.

    1. Sierra_rider


      Lose your boat?

    2. K-dogg


      No, I lost a Loaded M1A I scored for a $1000 off my boat...

  12. I wonder what winners Mitt Romulan would pick for the court? Im guessing more statist. It is clear to me that there is no difference between the parties.

    1. Sierra_rider


      Probably more of the same big-federal government types that don't have a clue what state's rights are really about.

    2. K-dogg
  13. K-dogg

    2013 info/spec release date?

    Sure being almost double the displacement it better. 250 2 vs. 4 is a better match and with equal riders will the four-stroke still win? My nod goes to, depending on the track both could win.