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  1. gwool

    No start after fuel tank cleaning

    Thanks Hurry Up! That's why I came here. This is the first FI bike that I've had so I'm still learning the FI stuff. I done a little more research and thinking it over I think that there may not be enough pressure. I got a drip out of the injector when I hit the starter button after priming the pump. And when I disconnected the injector from the fuel line some fuel dripped out. It wasn't like it sprayed out after being under pressure. I'm now thinking that I caused a failure in the fuel pressure regulator when trying to fix the old pump assembly. I guess that is why the manual states to just replace the whole pump. I was trying to save a few bucks. I've ordered a new Honda pump assembly, so hopefully that will solve the problem. I decided to get a new injector as well to eliminate any variables from a clogged injector. When that arrives I'll have to update this if it solved my problem or not.
  2. gwool

    No start after fuel tank cleaning

    I did some more troubleshooting. It looks like I'm not getting enough fuel through the injector. I pulled the injector, and hooked it up to the fuel pump. When I hit the starter button on the bike only a little fuel dripped out of the injector. There wasn't any spray. I tried cleaning the injector, opening the solenoid with a 9v battery and that didn't seem to work. Still a drip from the injector when using the starter button on the bike. I'm wondering if I should replace the injector? Or do you think there isn't enough pressure? I feel like there is enough pressure in the line, but I can't be certain. I made sure to prime the pump before trying to start each time.
  3. I've got a weird no start problem after cleaning the gas tank. I purchased a used 2013 this year and after a couple fill ups I noticed the fuel tank had some rust in it. It ran and functioned fine, but I had to take care of the rust. So, I cleaned the tank/pump and upon reassembly the bike won't start. I've confirmed fuel flow from the tank. The manual says the spec is 2.8 ounces after 5 pump cycles, and I'm getting about 3.5. I wonder if the injector could be clogged? Has anyone cleaned their injector? This is pretty baffling to me as nothing has been done to the bike other than removing the tank for cleaning. The only thing I can think of is injector, but if there are other ideas I'd love to hear them.
  4. gwool

    CRF250L Oil

    Sure thing Dogger! I think most of the people in this forum will change their oil more frequently than the service manual indicates, so 10w30 or 40 will be just fine. I use the Honda full synthetic 10w30, and haven't had any issues. It will be interesting to see the experiences of others with different oils.
  5. gwool

    CRF250L Oil

    10w40 is more viscous (thicker) than 10w30, so it results in more work to move all the engine parts. I think that the fuel economy would be marginally better with 10w30, but not by much.
  6. gwool

    1 1/8 Fat Bars

    Thanks for the info on the cable lengths. I'd like to add a Pro Taper 1 1/8 bar at some point, but I was worried about cable length.
  7. gwool

    1 1/8 Fat Bars

    What about cable lengths? Did you guys need to get longer cables due to the increased height?
  8. gwool

    changing times

    Hey Ron, what types of engine mods are you refering to? I'm fairly new here, and I think that quite a few people are new as well. I know for my needs I just want the bike to be reliable, and last a long time. I don't race, just trail/desert riding. I've gotten into the engine a bit. I put a high comp vertex piston in, and added stainless steel valves and springs. The bike is running really strong and well. Let me know what you're talking about for more power. I don't know where I would go next.
  9. gwool

    Sheared chain tensioner bolt in swingarm

    Thanks HondaTom! I appreciate the confirmation, and a good idea to take the screw out to release pressure. I'm going to be tackling this Saturday instead on riding. Oh well, it'll be better than ever the next time I'm out.
  10. I was adjusting the chain on my bike (07 CRF250R) and the chain tensioner bolts were really stuck in there. I was able to get the left side out after some PB Blaster, and working it back and forth. But, the right side just sheared off. Luckily there is some space to get a notch in the bolt with the dremel, and hopefully I can start working it out with a flat head. Unfortunately I wasn't very wise and didn't use any heat to get the bolt out. I'm hoping that with some heat/PB Blaster I'll be able to get the bolt free. I hope that the threads aren't ruined either. I'm planning to run an M8 tap through the threads to clean them out for the fresh bolts. Has anyone experienced this before? Is there something I should look out for? Thanks
  11. gwool

    Crf250r Dies when given throttle

    First thing to check would be the carburetor. Make sure that it is clean and all the jets are open. The ignition and the throttle use two different jets, so the pilot/slot jets may be open but the main jet may be clogged. Also, is the air filter wet from the filter oil or the hose? Definitely not a good idea to start it up if the filter is wet. You don't want to pull any water into the engine.
  12. Thanks for the tips. I found the problem. I had left a rag in the intake when I cleaned the filter and forgot to take it out. I'll never do that again.
  13. Please forgive my ignorance on this subject. Carburetor so have always baffled me. I did a search, but couldn't really find an answer. I have a 2007 CRF 250R, I went to ride yesterday and started my bike up just fine before I left the house. After getting to my riding spot the bike wouldn't start. I tried kicking and bump starting. On bump starting it would have a really weak cough through a few rotations of the motor, but never try to start. I left disappointed as I didn't bring the right tools to get into the carb there. Back at the house I found that the throttle would only turn about 1/8th turn. I'm not sure what this would do to the carb, but I feel the engine could be getting too much fuel. Has anyone had this issue? I won't really have the time to open up the carb until next week, but I'd like to see if anyone has any tips on what I should look for. Thanks.
  14. KDIXER, thanks for the tip. I will try this as soon as I get back to my bike. (I'm currently out of town) After going over the install in my head, I am sure that I did it correctly. If this doesn't work I still may need to pull everything apart.
  15. No leaking before the ride, but I made sure that everything was clean upon installing the new seals. Could it be a faulty seal from the manufacturer? I'm not using OEM; I bought third party seals.