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    YZ front end on XT

    Hi there,i put a TT600 front end on by removing the stem from the triples on the XT and they press straight in on the TT600 triples,upgrade the ball and race with taper rollers from Thumperstuff and you are away.Your next thing will be to fit longer rear shocks unless you want a chop look but the geo will be up the pole if you dont.To stop the forks whacking the tank i drilled and tapped 6mm holes into the stops on the TT triples and put in 6mm cap screws with a locknut.I didnt have the same turning circle but it was fine and the conversion was worth it,no more fork flex under steam and braking was better.I could only get the forks with a double leading edge drum but i should have looked harder and longer for the disc brake model.Being on budget at the time i used Suzuki PE 175 rear shocks,you can use the rear swingarm from the PE250/400 for a longer swingarm which looks pretty hot and gives you a better geo as well. silverlion.
  2. silverlion

    '78 TT500 Won't Kick Start When Hot

    Check on your needle and seat it may cause flooding,Don is right as well,by doing that he is expelling all the extra gas that makes its way in on laying it down.If you hold in the clutch like normal and the decompressor with your thumb and roll it along,put it into second,drop the clutch and let the motor turn over a couple times and then drop the decompressor it will fire up a lot more easily than having the back wheel lock up all the time. Works for me. Brandon.
  3. silverlion

    1980 TT 500 Swingarm

    The easiest way is to get some of those footpegs that are designed to bolt on with the shock bolts going through them-no drilling,no welding and easy to remove afterwards. Good luck, Brandon.
  4. silverlion

    Any other swingarms fit an XT500?

    The Suzuki swingarm looks very similar to the "banana" swingarm you are looking for,and as far as i know it just bolts right up-i hope so because i am looking for one out here in SA to do what you are looking to do.There is another option as well which you can get from geoff@geoffmorrisconcepts.com who is based in Australia and also does frames for the "HL500",it looks like the "banana"swingarm but is made specifically for the XT..cost is about Aus$ 800.00 i think. Good luck, Brandon.
  5. silverlion

    Yamaha SR 500 track bike

    A good way to add horsepower is a "high port" conversion where the inlet port is modified to change it from being basically flat,(horizontal),to an angle of about 15 degrees-you have to be careful as the space is limited between the top of the carb and the frame.White Brothers used to do it,maybe they still offer the service,Stan Millard,"HP by Stan" ,and a place in France called VD Classics still does it-i'm sure they are all expensive though.Welding up portions of the combustion chamber to make what i think they call a hemi-spherical head to get a good squish area to improve combustion is also a good way apparently.A friend in Austria who races a SR 500 has the welded up chamber,a 10:1 Wiseco modified to suit the squish area,one of the milder Megacycle cams and i think he is running a 38mm carb,(possibly a flatslide Mikuni),a 49mm inlet valve and he is getting 49horses on the dyno which is impressive. Anyone wanting to modify a motor should buy "Four Stroke Performance Tuning" available from Haines-it is an awesome book that will explain everything you could ever want to know and has a lot of useful formulae too.I am busy with a "Hot Street" project which is taking time as the pennies are short but i am doing the high port conversion,welding up the combustion chamber,have stroked the crank to 92mm,putting a 90mm Wiseco,hopefully a J2 cam by Johnson cams,(U.S.A.),which has a roller rocker setup which cuts out scuffing of the cam,a Carillo rod and a 38mm Mikuni kit which is ex White Brothers as well as 1.9" valve off a 350 Chevy which i modified by grinding down the stem to 8mm on a crankshaft grinder and shortened it to the right lenth and then machined the groove for the valve retainers-check out www.thumperstuff.com they have all sorts of useful stuff which is where you can get the rod and carb kit as well as Megacycle cams and so on. I have no intention of racing this bike but have always wanted to do an all out modification on one of these motors-this is my fourth XT and i have also had a SR as well-unfortunately not too many people are overly helpful i have noticed....so if i can be of any help i will be. Good luck Brandon South Africa. P.S. you can pretty much put just about any front end on your bike with a bit of measuring and sometimes a bit of modifying-another caliper off an XS650 is quite a common mod to make a double disc setup for front brakes.
  6. silverlion

    XT/TT/SR 500 Camshaft

    Your Megacycle cam may have engraved numbers on it somewhere,but im sure you have already looked.Check out the Megacycle website,(www.megacycle.com),they give a breakdown on the different cams and a brief explanation too,you can also look at the J2 and J3 cams by www.johnsoncams.com,(google it i am not sure). Megacycle cams are available from www.thumperstuff.com,speak to Mark he is a helpful guy. Good luck, Brandon. South Africa.
  7. silverlion

    TT500 Head pipe & Carb

    You can get a 36mm or 38mm Mikuni VM Round slide carb that comes as a White Brothers kit from Mark at www.thumperstuff.com for about US$ 250-it comes jetted almost right with the extra jets needed to jet it correctly.You also get a K+ N airfilter and the throttle and cable.I put this setup on my XT and have been totally happy with it's performance,it suited the 90mm Wiseco,porting and cam perfectly.
  8. silverlion

    TT500 Call

    Try for a frame at www.framecrafters.com in the States for US$ +/- 2600,speak to Randy or try geoff@geoffmorrisconcepts.com in Australia,expect to pay +/- A$ 2480-Geoff also has a whole range of the accessories for these frames,ie sidecovers etc-both frames are HL500 replicas-show us a picture of your bike TooFast..and who were Hyperkinetics?
  9. silverlion

    Tt 500 Pics

    If it's pictures you are after then go to www.yamaha-xt500.co.uk it is a really good XT/SR/TT site-eat you heart out. Brandon.
  10. silverlion

    Tt500 Back Shocks

    If you want to go budget then get a pair of shocks off the old Suzuki PE 175/250/400-they are not in the same league as the aftermarket stuff but depending on what you want to do they will work fine for playriding.They are long which means you will have to jack up the front end to suit-Yamaha TT600 front end with the disc brake is good,press the centre out of the XT triple clamp and press it into the TT triple clamp-just check on how it is all held together so you dont break something when you press it out. Cheers, Brandon.
  11. silverlion

    Wanted-YZ 125C gas tank.

    Hello all,i am looking for a YZ125C gas tank with the filler cap and fuel tap in useable condition for an HL 500 project bike-can anyone help me out here? Thanks,Brandon.
  12. silverlion

    Any other swingarms fit an XT500?

    There are quite a few XT's that have had the Honda XR 500 swingarm and monoshock setup conversion done out here in South Africa.There is a picture of one of these in www.xt500-yamaha.com,go to the photo gallery in this site.The swingarm basically bolts right up and these guy's have welded a piece of flat bar across the top of the frame to mount the top of the shock-it looks a bit touch and go but none have let go...yet.It does cause problems with space though for the air filter. Good luck.
  13. silverlion

    info on 85 tt600

    Hello there, I have had friends with these bikes and there is a small sieve at the bottom of the oil tank that needs to be cleaned regularly or oil pressure is lost and expensive repairs follow-good luck! Brandon.
  14. silverlion


    Your local Yamaha dealer should be able to get you a genuine factory original straight from the factory-if they say they cant then they just dont want to try....and then go to the next dealer.
  15. silverlion

    wrist pin woes

    Hello everyone, the small end of the conrod is not a proper bush but metal sprayed and then honed to size-and when it finally goes you need to replace the whole rod,crankpin and bigend bearing,which of course means stripping and rebuilding the whole bottom end of the motor.Maybe that is why the quoted price is so high-but any decent shop will explain the breakdown of the quoted price and why it is so high...dont be shy to ask.You may want to put a Carrillo rod in if you have to rebuild the crank assembly-it has a proper small end bush and is much stronger than stock anyway,try Mark Apland at www.thumperstuff .com and expect to pay $200....it is worth every cent. Good luck, Brandon.
  16. silverlion

    Mikuni VM 38mm carb on XT-help please

    Thanks for the reply, do you perhaps remember what needle-jet needle you are running and does it make a huge difference if you run something else?
  17. I have a VM 38mm Mikuni on my XT 500-it has a 90mm Wiseco,megacycle race cam,and a 4" Supertrapp...what is the ideal jetting setup,any info on needle,slide,main jet etc would be great-i live at the coast,Durban,South Africa
  18. silverlion

    Mikuni VM 38mm carb on XT-help please

    Thankyou Oregon Trail,(Mad dog),i was beginning to panic a bit,how does she run with that setup?As you can see i thought i had bought the wrong thing and others with the 38mm are battling to set them up properly-i'll let you know how it goes..once it arrives down here in S.A.
  19. silverlion

    Mikuni VM 38mm carb on XT-help please

    To brother Burned-no,i was told that the 38 was the right one to use so i ordered one from Thumperstuff only to be told afterwards that the 36mm was a much better option-well it is on the water now so it is too late for me to do anything but set it up and hope for the best.
  20. Does anyone have an idea what the ideal jetting setup is for an XT500 with a VM38mm carb with a Wiseco 90mm piston,Megacycle fast street cam and springs and a Supertrapp 4"racing series slipon muffler.Any and all help would be appreciated-thanks Brandon.