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  1. damnplumber

    New 525 disappointed? ?

    Yeah throw that Rekluse in a box and send it to me! I'll buy it from you.
  2. damnplumber

    Really, How bad are KTM's

    My 07 525 EXC is the best bike I have EVER owned hands down I bought new. Still have it and plan on keepin' it.
  3. damnplumber

    World's Fastest Indian

    Just yesterday as I was looking at my wheather-cracked trailer tires I recalled that part in the movie and I'm thinking about giving it a try!
  4. damnplumber

    Riding Quotes

    the saying I have used since well as long as I can remember...... "just lean back-n-gassit....if it gets too rad close your eyes"
  5. damnplumber

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    1970 for me...My first bike was a 1967 Honda S-90 with a chrome straight pipe and sock filter. The longest night in my life was Christmas Eve when I wandered down the hall to see my Dad polishing it next to the tree. I didn't sleep a wink that night I was soo excited. 40 years later I still have the same passion and will ride as long as I can physically can. I wish I still had that bike.
  6. I have had good luck with the Maxis, They last well and put up with my ride everywhere style just fine. I like to hit the twisties while in the mountains but mostly desert with rocky / sandy conditions whereI live. They hold up well and will put another set on when they wear out.
  7. Put a plate and HUGE tank, rig up some sort of luggage system and take lots of photos.
  8. damnplumber

    Is there a DRZ owners support group?

    Well it's already been 3 years since I started this thread and guess what... I still have the old DRZ she is in the garage sittin' pretty with the battery tender plugged in and the plates and insurrance are still current just in case she gets a turn...or my KTM ever breaks (never has) I have a back up. I usually ride my EXC about 100 miles or so each ride and it holds up wonderfully. It does everything extremely well... chugs like a tractor on boulder infested single track trails, dances through the desert at blazing speeds, climbs any hill I dare, cruises the highways at 75, loves the mountain twisties more than my sport bike (even on knobbies), slides like a flat tracker and spits rocks like a machine gun. The only thing my DRZ has on my KTM is the monster 4.7 gal. gas tank and saddle bags. I just didn't have the heart to sell her though, so maybe I'll give her to my son. He rides her more than me anyway. I'll report back again in another 3 years.
  9. damnplumber

    DRZ 400SM or KTM 530?

    I have both a 525EXC plated and DRZ the DRZ has been a great bike but a bit lazy ...OK real Laz compared to the KTM. I love to rail the mountain roads and can go even faster through the Big Bear twisties on my KTM with kobbies than I can on my Yammer YZF R1. I really really want the SM wheels for my KTM Oh what trouble that will get me in.
  10. damnplumber

    07 525 just bought need advice

    I also have he same bike and have had it since new. I installed the JD kit, the CRF450 accellerator pump, 14-48 gearing left the smog intact except for removing the drain puug in the canister. I also uncorked the exhaust and my bike runs Purrfect! it idles, chugs like a tractor on the killer rough and rips snort through the desert and even cruises 75 on the highway. Chances are your battery needs replacing and then try cleaning your carb if the batt doesn't do it. Don't forget to check your valve clearance and check the entire bike over. Mine had several loose fastners from the factory hince the missing kicker somewhere in Moab. Just took her for a 100+ mile D/S ride yesterday after work. Life is good
  11. damnplumber

    Thor Knee Guards

    go to a KTM dealer and try on a set
  12. damnplumber

    U know u ride to much when...

    You know you ride too much when........... you keep the "No Toil" on the kitchen counter right next to the dish soap! and my charming wife gave up complaining years ago about the filters drying on the dish rack.
  13. damnplumber

    Here is something fun to do on Wed. nights....

    HEY Larry, I haven't been to Costa Meas to watch speedway since the 80's Thanks for the inspiration. I'll be taking my son soon! is it still at the fairgrounds?
  14. Let's see the pics! You must have a good woman! Make sure you keep that one! My charming wife did the same for me last year! Nothin better than a good woman and a new KTM
  15. damnplumber

    Steering Stablizers

    I've been riding for 35 years. I finally got a GPR on my 525EXC. I had no idea how much it helps! I will never go without one again. High speed sand washes are so much more fun as I can stay on the gas and the wiggles are much reduced. It has saved me from a severe endo as I got too hot on the whoops. lost my rythem hit front tire hard at a crooked angle to where I should have crashed hard but the bars stayed put and I never let off the gas and my buddy behind me thought I was a God! The GPR saved me big time! Blasting through tight woods and you hit a tree...The stabilizer may just save you too! Spend the $$ stay upright and go faster...'nuf said