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  1. Bricktop72

    1993 YZ250 engine fit 1999 frame

    Could be made to work, but certainly won’t be a direct bolt in. The swing arm pivot bolt changed size so the cases would need bored. I do believe the engine mounting points are the same. All said and done it’s not worth the work, especially once you consider the parts availability for the 99+ engine is so much better.
  2. Bricktop72

    Most reliable 250f

    This one is easy. Yamaha is without question the most reliable. My 2015 250fx had 120 hours or so when I sold it. Did a top end at 100 hours and that’s about it. Valves never moved once.
  3. Bricktop72

    Head gasket failure?

    I don’t think so. That damage came from the inside out. Looks like a text book example of detonation to me. I’d take a very close look at jetting, likely it is too lean.
  4. Bricktop72

    Should I buy Honda crf 150f or crf 230?

    Crf150f for sure. The 230 weighs double what you do, and you won’t be able to touch the ground.
  5. Bricktop72

    WR200 No Spark

    Those wr200 were notorious for the CDI going bad. Very difficult to find a replacement now too.
  6. Bricktop72

    Mixed up Trans and Fuel Oil!

    Rotella is magic and cures engine damage so you did the right thing
  7. Bricktop72

    CRF250F Pics and Mods

  8. Bricktop72

    250FX elecronics guard neccessary?

    I put over 100 race hours on my 2015 with zero issues. I sure wouldn’t spend the $90 they want for the p3.
  9. Bricktop72

    Critique My RIding Stance?

    I am also 6’2” so I understand how hard getting the proper form can be. You really gotta crouch down, head over the front fender, and ass straight out when you are tall. Almost want your back parallel with the ground as much as possible. I don’t come close to perfect form, but here are a few pictures of me. Sometimes it even looks like I’m sitting down because I’m so low, but I’m standing with 100% of my weight on my feet. No tall bars or risers on my bike, I think they cause terrible form. I also run them cut down to 30” for tight woods racing. I have never been able to do the whole grip with your knees thing, I’m just too tall. Best advice I have ever got was to let the bike push you through the pegs, not drag you through the arms.
  10. Bricktop72

    94 WR250 Headlight Installation

    This should be moved to the 2 stroke section...maybe @William1 or @MentalGuru could do that for you. The wire is yellow and can be found taped up in the wiring loom on the left side of the frame by the left radiator. Keep in mind this is a very low output (35w) and AC so that means no LED lights.
  11. Bricktop72

    18 yz250x clutch multiple clutch failures.

    Power shifting won’t really damage the clutch as much as it will the transmission. Gonna be changing shift forks and gears like crazy.
  12. Bricktop72

    18 yz250x clutch multiple clutch failures.

    Sounds like a habitual clutch abuser
  13. Bricktop72

    18 yz250x clutch multiple clutch failures.

    I’d make sure it’s adjusted properly. Sounds like it’s always slipping.
  14. Bricktop72

    Power valve screws.

    Yea I believe they are 5mm X . 8 thread.