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    Wanna ride.. shoot me an email. Seancw01@gmail.com
  1. Yeah it was I think 2 weeks ago, I put the date I went in the credits at the end of the vid
  2. Nice maneuvering, beautiful scenery, horrible rock pile.
  3. I'm not peeling off the iron crosses nor the SS symbol of my bike or helmet either!
  4. I don't really find that hard to believe.
  5. As in type of rider, not saying that japs on motorcycles are gonna bomb your country. I'm saying wild ass people who think there is a race track in the forest who Damn near hit you and ride very carelessly. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/kamikaze
  6. Awesome trails up by boulder, empire, and central city. Stay away from rampart as it's only kamikaze riders who endanger other riders.
  7. There's gotta be cool places to ride around boulder or Idaho springs, I know of sugarloaf and central city, some trails in central city are brutal though and with alot less traffic than rampart.
  8. There has to be better places to ride than rampart? It's like a motocross track with trees and everyone goes crazy fast.
  9. Goofy auto text. I ment "no one will touch it because of the age of it. I keep hearing a weird "flutter" noise in the head on the right side of the engine and I'm thinking it could be the valves.
  10. I have a 85 Honda XR200 and have called around to see who can adjust valves on my bike and no one will touch out due to the she of it, I know nothing about how to do it and not very confident in doing it myself. So I was wondering if you guys know someone who can help me? Thank you in advance.
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