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  1. vlxjim

    12v ac to 12v dc

    You can try one 2A diode to half wave rectify it. Its just a coil so it should work fine.
  2. vlxjim

    Profesionally painted rims for 7$ !!!

    I like Black wheels. They just look like crap when they get all scratch up. Now blue is the new black. But I think Polished will be back.
  3. vlxjim

    General observations

    Having the CO bumped up to +15 blends well with my map. Make sure that your idle is set to 2000 RPM's. Looks like you need to check your valves. Did you check them at the first 10 hrs?
  4. vlxjim

    General observations

    First off change the CO to +13 to 15. Trust me I'm one of the ones that did all the testing and tuning maps when the FI WR's came out. My maps and CO setting are still used and are still the best option for those that have used them. Yamaha them selfs recommend a CO bump of +7. This campaign of using negative CO numbers is ridiculous. For our findings we used gas analyzers. Not some 250r header with a multimeter. Make sure that you set the idle to 2000 RPM. WR's don't like to be luged. When you luged it your going lower than the 2000 RPM idle. And the flywheel does not have the mass to carry over the stroke. As said check the valves. If they are off, starting gets hard.
  5. vlxjim

    2015 WR450 overheating

    Reports go with my finding of 35mpg. You need the programer the stock base map is to lean for the FMF pipe. And with the programer you can see the real time RPM so that you can set it at 2000 RPM. Trust me you will love my map if you don't you can set it back or to something else. But most all that have tried it keep it.
  6. vlxjim

    2015 WR450 overheating

    Try my map.Your bike will run cooler and smoother. With this set up there is no red header. I'm riding in the hot desert and mountain areas. Everyone that has tried it loves it so far. I get PM's all the time about it. Try it, it just works. CO 15 Vlxjim Map Fuel Timing 3 4 4 0 0 0 3 5 3 -2 -1 0 3 4 3 -2 -2 0
  7. vlxjim

    FI Diagnostic Tool vs. Power Tuner

    I met up with Simica an bumped the bike to CO 13. Started good, but have not heard back on how the day went. Set the RPM to 1950 - 2000 it was at 2350. The TPS was high at 16.6. If we had more time I would of put it at 11. The range is 9 - 16 so its just outside. Probably not a big deal. If its runs good don't touch it. He is also running the FMF map.
  8. vlxjim

    Red hot glowing header pipe

    Yeah, There is no buzzer on the WR. But when the steam creeps pass the cap seal it can buzz. I've never had a over heating problem. I ride in SoCal and in 105 degree heat.
  9. vlxjim

    Red hot glowing header pipe

    The only thing I can think of is that you heard the cap during a boil over.
  10. vlxjim

    Red hot glowing header pipe

    There is no light or buzzer. And stock it runs hot. That is the cold start knob. You pull it out to cold start and turn it to adjust the idle speed.
  11. vlxjim

    Red hot glowing header pipe

    Oh and with the CO bumped up and a good map the header grow is gone.
  12. vlxjim

    Red hot glowing header pipe

    I know this is hard to believe. But your bike bone stock is 18 hp and with just he comp ECU and the free unplugging of the pipe and throttle stop screw removed your looking at the high 30's in horse power. And a pipe and a good map the power is in the low to mid 40's. Learning the bike stock will not help you. Your better off with a smooth map and some power that you can use. Power to get up hills with ease, burp over obstacles, don't try to struggle with the bike underpowered. You need to understand the power and use it to help you. The bike comes seriously underpowered due to California carb and EPA restrictions so it can have a green sticker. Yamaha knows they ship the bike completely out of tune and unrideable. The fact that the stock ECU cost over $300 and the comp ECU is under $100 tells that story. The old way to do it was to cut the green wire that would change the programming in the ECU the EPA caught onto that and told Yamaha that they had to have a non-programmable ECU with no workarounds. Enter the competition ECU.
  13. vlxjim

    2014 WR450 GYTR Mods w/ stock ECU?

    Here is a post with the map as well as my new changed map that add more bottom end hit. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1064381-wr-maps-only/?p=12725077
  14. vlxjim

    WR Maps Only

    I have been working with my vlxjim map for some time now. This works great with the normal mods with the stock pipe unplugged or the FMF pipe. Other pipes should work as will. As with all maps use at your own risk. Here is the original vlxjim map. (Smoother) vlxjim Map Fuel Timing 3 4 4 0 0 0 3 5 3 -2 -1 0 3 4 3 -2 -2 0 I now have my tested vlxjim EX map. Works as before with just (more bottom power at the hit). vlxjim EX Map Fuel Timing 3 4 4 0 0 0 3 5 3 1 0 0 3 4 3 1 1 0
  15. vlxjim

    2014 WR450 GYTR Mods w/ stock ECU?

    My map does add fuel and adds useable power. So you don't use as much throttle. But having more power also has the reverse effect of of wanting to use that power and sucking more gas. If you live in SoCal and ride in the heat the stock ECU base map is to lean. Trust me I use to build race bikes for a living. I have spent a lot of time working and testing the newer FI WR's. I'm one of the first few to work with the CO adjustments. And build maps for this bike. And what I can tell you is the base map was there to build off of. Its a starting point. Some people don't get there own Power Tuner and think the stock map is good because it woke the bike up so much when they first plunged it in. Well from were the WR was before the only place for it to go is up or better. If your bike hits hard off the bottom and or pops on decel (off gas) down a hill which I bet it does. It's running lean as i've seen with all WR's that are uncorked running the base map. The guys that run my map love it. But i'm not saying my my is the best. What i'm say it the base map is not the best choice. Try a few maps and see.