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  1. Yes they’re good and you’ll be fine.
  2. Lol ok. When my starter brakes I’ll figure it out. Just like I’ll do when I’m in the middle of nowhere bumper deep in snow on my 4runner. Not all of us are scared to drive off pavement.
  3. Do any of you worry that your car doesn’t have a back up?
  4. Buy some Klim pants if you want some ventilation and not weird colors.
  5. If you're planning on replacing it then it doesn't matter if it breaks. If it doesn't break then you get to keep some money. Those things bend so easy that'll it'll probably go right back with a little effort and be just fine. Mine was pretty smashed and it straightened out quite easily.
  6. I had one that was pretty bent. Hammered it back straight with a dead blow and a piece of 2x4. Worked great. There's a few videos on YouTube I'd at least try and fix it before buying s new one. You're not out anything
  7. A lot of people lack common sense these days. None of it is particularly hard to me. With YouTube and forums it makes it all pretty easy.
  8. Forma terrain enduro. The lug sole is fantastic
  9. I used to tow my dirtbike with my Jetta. It worked just fine
  10. How were the forma's at keeping water out?
  11. It takes you 16k a month to live? Does that not seem ridiculous?
  12. Maybe just spend less money. One of them started at 50k. That's plenty to live off if your not making huge car payments and living in a giant house.
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