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  1. Byron909

    KTM 200 SX

    Reeds on the 200 are same as the 125 from 98-15, 250/300 from 92ish to 02 (250) 03 (300) but, throughout those years, reed cages changed. So figure out which cage you have. But if you just have a stock cage, look at boyesen pro series reeds. Good stuff. on the manual, buy ktm# 3.206.021 its a service cd. I take thoise to kinkos amd have it printed.
  2. Thanks Its a 450 chassis with a cr500 engine. i did a little write up on the ktm talk site http://ktmtalk.com/showthread.php?531682-2015-5-works-chassis-500-engine
  3. Byron909

    86 CR 500 Owners

    You would first need the 90 up side cover, then a 90 up clutch assembly. Then do your rekluse mess.
  4. Byron909

    86 CR 500 Owners

    It will be hard to have a mag cover not rot out, no matter the coolant, because unfortunately there are not really any around that dont have some type of damage. That area is where bigger problems come from but if you really want to fix it right, just buy an aluminum side cover from a 90-01 cr500. It will actually need to be ( if you buy new) from a 93-01. It is aluminum, and has a removeable clutch cover, which you will need as well, and you will also need to get a hose to connect wp outlet to cylinder. Doing this will offer many benefits: no more rot removeable clutch cover ability to run a 90-01 clutch assembly ( 1 more steel/ fiber than 84-89) Slightly more oil capacity
  5. Byron909

    2012 vs 2014 250&300 exc reed valves?

    It seems the v3 was not great in any application. If you ever find good flowbench tests the v3 is never too great. But it seems in every case the inlet tract is right. They got that right I dont know anything about the v4.
  6. Byron909

    Honda CR250 oversize brake rotor kit confusion. HELP!

    Matthew your line looks to be on wrong. Your lower connection is actually the top. The bend of the banjo will bend towards front of bike.
  7. Byron909

    KTM rear grenade--I mean hub.

    If you are looking for a new rear wheel and or hub, technically anything from 92ish to 2017 will fit. If you find a 13 up sx/xc/f rear wheel with big axle, just use your stock wheel collars.
  8. Byron909

    03 450SX with EXC Fuel Tank

    Yes, but for your bike there were 3 different tanks, all with different cpacities. you had your stock tank, which was a 450/525 sx from 03-06, then 03,04 ish mxc, exc, later xc, xcw, which had the same screw fuel cap as your sx. then there was a 2 year span that had a different tank again. Think it was 06 exc, 07 xc, xcw, which had the new 1/4 turn cap. your stock tank holds 1.7 gallons. the bigger screw cap exc/ mxc tank held 2.12 gallons. the biggest was the 06 exc, 07xc/xcw tank which had the 1/4 turn cap held 2.51 gallons. I would think you would want that one. here is a link to one on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2006-KTM-400-EXC-STOCK-GAS-TANK-w-FUEL-VALVE-KTM-4-stroke-400-450-525-2004-2007-/162557094834?epid=1923251889&hash=item25d9286bb2:g:gaMAAOSwX9FZOA-s&vxp=mtr all of these are direct bolt on, nothing else to change. actually both larger tanks take a petcock with a 90 degree outlet, and the biggest version has the 1/4 turn cap, not like your oe. so if you buy the 1/4 turn cap tank, make sure it has a petcock and cap on it and your good to go, you will go from 1.7 gallons to 2.51 gallons.
  9. Byron909

    Air Striker or Lectron?

    I would definitely dump that sem ignition and convert to the later kokusan. Do a search, not difficult to do. Also, if you want to be able to adjust your powervalve, look at getting that assembly from any 98 up 250/300. Ebay is your friend for those. I doubt your carv was "bad". There really isnt much too these. But if your symptoms are the same now as before, and you dont see much change good or bad with jet changes, sounds like your issue is something else. You can verify if your pv is openging by removing the left control cover and first seeing where it lines up, then starting and reving it should be moving. how are your reeds? Have you looked down your silencer? I remeber those sem setups making for wierd issues.
  10. Byron909

    Recommended a brake pad

    Braking make really good pads, also renthal. Depending on where you are riding you might prefer one blend over the other, but ive found the sintered ones ( like what bike had stock) can take heat good, wear good, and arent too grabby.
  11. Byron909

    2012 vs 2014 250&300 exc reed valves?

    I have rad valves on more bikes thN not, but have always found them to be more low end changing than top end. the vforce was kinda opposite. I always figured it was more/ less because with the boyesen, you are moving two reeds alot rather quickly, the vforce has more petals, that each moves less than two large ones. Most of the time ive always noticed the vforce doing better in higher rpm than the rad valve. Recently found some flowbench work between a rad vlave and a vforce 2, the vforce had almost 50% more peak flow than the rad. That vforce 2 was a badass. I still have that in a few bikes.
  12. Byron909

    RC valve won't open! Help!

    Check the output voltage. Maybe the condensor/ or regulator is bad. Do you have a wiring diagram? My charge coil died on my 03 once, causing this issue.
  13. Byron909

    Honda CR250 oversize brake rotor kit confusion. HELP!

    In '95 honda went to the 100mm spacing. Changed it again in 04. nice bike!
  14. Byron909

    Need spark plug application help ASAP CR500R

    I have ran, at one time or another, about version of a 8 heat range in a cr500. I have never seen trouble out of Any of them. be it a ix, or a v, or a g, or a s. Personally i like the v plugs. But again have found the projected tip version to work quite well in them.