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  1. mousemeat

    Velocity Stacks

    I need some help from you pitbike guys for a non-motorbike application. I am looking for a velocity stack/ air inlet with a diameter of approximately 1 inch at the small end. 25mm outer diameter at the small end would be ideal. Big bikes' carbs are all too big and model aircraft all seem too small. Does anybody know of any companies that make velocity stacks of this diameter? Or any veloctity stacks for minis/pitbikes at all. No air filter is needed. Cheers guys, Warren
  2. mousemeat

    Which 06 Bike Should ThumperTalk Build?

    Stick a YZ450 engine in a CRF450R Chassis and put on some yellow plastics and DRZ graphics.
  3. mousemeat

    Need help ASAP going riding in the morning

    an '04 yz450 fits an '04 wr450 thats all i know. so see if a 03 YZ fits an 04 YZ and a 04 wr fits an 05 wr...
  4. mousemeat

    scotts damper mounting?

    i think for the 05 you need new clamps. Ask the guys at Billet Racing Products. Them and scotts sell each others stuff and their responses are much quicker.
  5. mousemeat

    Yamaha WR400-F Supermoto Question

    http://store.eastcoastwheels.com/mawh.html get your wallet out.
  6. mousemeat

    Is the Rekluse Clutch that good? 06 WR 450F

    Without the rekluse you would be feathering the clutch though, and i doubt a lightly engaged clutch would be able to transmit that much power. But i agree, letting go would be the smartest option. I don't know that i would think that quick. He went from standing still to flying of the trail in no seconds flat. its just something to have in your mind when the bike starts to take off with the throttle closed...
  7. mousemeat

    Is the Rekluse Clutch that good? 06 WR 450F

    One word of warning: I was riding with a guy who had a rekluse in on his two stroke. Was paddling his bike through some low hanging branches at 2mph and a branch caught his throttle cable. He went for a wild ride. His knee and knee brace were both shattered. More likely on a two stroke with the single cable, but still worth thinking about.
  8. mousemeat

    is 05 wr450 the best yet?

    ARin, i aggree with every word. When you say it feels cramped, do you mean vertically, or are the bars closer to you as well? I'll probably be getting an '06 at some point, i'm on an '04 at the moment. I'm 6'2" with ridiculously short legs (32" inseam) and a tall torso. The height is fine for me, but i wouldn't want the handlebars getting any closer. If the seat gets lower that means i can put a taller, softer seat on and end up with the same ride height, which would be great.
  9. mousemeat

    is 05 wr450 the best yet?

    i fixed it for you...
  10. mousemeat

    is 05 wr450 the best yet?

    I think the weight gain was just yamaha bringing the claimed values a little closer to reality.
  11. mousemeat

    Wide Ratio trans?

    in australia they sell a wide ratio two stroke, the yz250wr or something like that. Get a manual for that off ebay and see what they do...
  12. mousemeat

    why 5 valves

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0521644895/qid=1137628769/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/002-1339147-6763257?s=books&v=glance&n=283155 This is a very good book. Along with high school physics and chemistry and possibly a more introductory book, you are well on your way. Others will suggest other books. You aren't going to learn this stuff from american chopper or pimp my ride.
  13. mousemeat

    MX Track Design Doubles or Tables??

    By your argument there is nothing wrong with putting spikes between the doubles as well...
  14. mousemeat

    why 5 valves

    Something tells me he may have read a book or two.
  15. mousemeat

    MX Track Design Doubles or Tables??

    Here in the UK instead of just one body (AMA) we have the ACU which is more professional, and the AMCA, which is the Amateur Motocross Association. AMCA doesn't allow doubles or man-made whoops. The tracks are very old-school outdoor, often on the side of a hill with downhill and uphill jumps. I wouldn't want to see it turn into outdoor supercross, like it seems to be in the states.