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  1. Rgksr

    Good short-man fast dirtbike?!?

    I have a KTM 350. I have the suspension shortened 1 1/2” and I added a low seat. I’m comfortable on the bike and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I want to be able to dab when riding.
  2. I have the Risk Racing Lock n Load system and etrack. The Risk Racing system has supports for underneath the floor. The track has bolts and fender washers every 2 holes. Overkill, but I don’t worry.
  3. Rgksr

    GM 5.3 or 6.2 liter?

    I have a ‘17 Yukon Denali with the 6.2. It tows my 6x12 easily. Plenty of power. Gas mileage is 11-12 with the trailer and 14-15 around town. I also have a ‘03 Silverado 2500HD with the 6.0. 11 mpg with out the trailer, 9 with. I’ll take the Yukon any day.
  4. I wear a Leatt neck brace/shoulder pad combo. I’ve used it more than once. Yes, it limits looking behind you and it is hot in the summer. It also limits neck movement and branches picking you in the chest. I occasionally ride with Pat22043 and where we ride the rocks are very unforgiving. I’lol take all the protection I can get.
  5. There will be people that will guide you around the property. Last year we had a few loops set up. It’s a great place to ride, lots of single track or wider roads if that’s for you. Parking is never a problem during the year. Last year this event was packed, so getting there early will work best. I’m 2 1/2 hours away, but I always enjoy being there.
  6. Matt, Great post! My brother and I will be at the planning meeting. Last year was great, anyone who didn’t attend missed a great day. The Marine that runs the Toys for Tots program in St Clair really appreciates what we provide for the area children. Last year we filled my 6x12 trailer and had to make a second toy delivery into town.👍👍👍
  7. Nursing is a growing field. My wife is a RN and makes good money. I retired last year from a small business. Money was ok, but work never ended. Prior to that I worked for the NYSE (SIAC) as a Software Development manager for 8 years and Digital Equipment Corp for 19 years. I see the need for skilled trades growing. Everyone pushes college, but plumers, electricians, and carpenters are always needed.
  8. Rgksr

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    Pat, That would make me very happy. Last year was great when we delivered the toys. It showed how generous the off road community is.
  9. Rgksr

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    Paul, There will probably be a donation required to ride the 3rd Annual Dirty Santa event. Last year it was $25.00 and a toy. We filled my 6x12 trailer and my Yukon. I hope to see everyone there this year. Bob K. The Elder Greek Brother
  10. It was good to see you yesterday. Your fashion choice in neckwear leaves something to be desired. I think that the Leatt line of neckwear can be color coordinated to match your outfit. Bob K (The Elder)
  11. Rgksr

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    Don’t believe Matt, your still pretty 🤕. If you need anything, give me a call. Bob K. The older Greek Brother
  12. Gmurr, Just buy the Beta 300. Last week we had 3 Beta’s in the group. I have my 300RR power valve cranked in, giving the motor an almost 4 stroke feel. Ride a gear up and you’ll love it.
  13. Rgksr

    KTM/HUSKY owners annoying comments

    Like Pat, l have a KTM and a Beta. I’m routing for AP to win!
  14. Rgksr

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    It rained on the way up, but not while we rode. It was super humid, although the water wasn’t too bad.
  15. Rgksr

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    Still planning on getting there at 9:00. Should be an interesting day.