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    DRZ400S Will Not Shift To Neutral When Running

    FIXED THE ISSUE! Bought a new clutch cable for $29, installed, re-adjusted, and BINGO! Shifts like a DREAM! Better than it has ever shifted before. Looks like Noble had the correct answer. Thanks all for the help!
  2. KaskadeHD

    DRZ400S Will Not Shift To Neutral When Running

    I think I found the issue. Pulled back the rubber part on the perch and LOOK WHAT I FOUND (see youtube video above) yeah I filmed in vertical, realized, then moved phone to landscape, and yup it stayed vertical. IM SORRY PEOPLE. Also.. AC-130 ABOVE!!!!!! It's frayed, you can see towards the end of the video. Watch in HD. So it doesn't allow the clutch to fully disengage? Is this my issue guys? I'm not very mechanically inclined. I'm sure i'd be able to swap out the clutch cable though. Looks like a beeyatch but do-able. Or is this probably not the issue? Lemme know guys, i'm here constantly viewing replies Thank ya
  3. My DRZ has been very slowly becoming harder and harder to shift into neutral. Sometimes it just won't. I shift all the way down to first, and try to half upshift into neutral, and it's like i'm pulling my foot up on a solid object. I just cannot get it to upshift no matter what. When i'm rolling it seems to shift easy, but stopped is a NO GO. I just did a fresh oil change today. (Somebody said an oil change fixed his no-go neutral bike). Can somebody please help me out here? Give me some ideas maybe from 'Probable the issue' to 'could possibly be'. And i'll go down the list and try to get this solved. Thanks in advance peeps.
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