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  1. mopower

    ttr 125 pipe help!

    The FMF is the Cheapest.(last I checked.)It gave me a noticeable change in power. Now the best pipe would have to be the BBR, but it comes with a "price".
  2. mopower

    Tires on TTR 125?

    I have the MS-2S on my bike. I yet used them though. All I have done is looked at them. But they are perfect for where I ride. Very soft terrain that is.
  3. mopower

    handgards TTR125le

    I have the Moose aluminum handguards on mine. They work great for me. Pic My TT-R
  4. mopower

    who has bark busters on their stock 125 handlebars?

    My Moose guards look completly different from Cycra's.
  5. mopower

    who has bark busters on their stock 125 handlebars?

    Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooose My TT-R
  6. mopower

    My recommended starting procedure for TTR125

    Man I feel lucky. My TT-R starts with only about 2 kicks cold and 1 when its warm. I had the same problem some of yall had until I put my aftermarket air filter in it. Now it starts even with the hint that it's about to be kicked.
  7. mopower

    First Hare Scrambles

    Any time.
  8. mopower

    First Hare Scrambles

    I race mine too, but I don't even have that many mods to my bike. All you really need is practice. Other than that, it sounds like you have all the mods you need. Good luck racing .
  9. mopower

    ttr125 vs klx125 vs. rest

    TT-R 125 . To tell you the truth, I've never seen anyone on a KLX or DRZ 125 where I live.
  10. mopower

    Stickers and reflector

    I can answer the first one. It called a pressure washer. Or just warm soapy water and your fingernail.
  11. mopower

    ttr chain?

    Get a Chain breaker. Worked for me.
  12. mopower

    Handguards for TTR-125?

    Same here, but most of the credit would have to go to my handguads. Cause I have been in tight situations where the tree option was better than falling into a muddy creek bottom.
  13. mopower

    Handguards for TTR-125?

    I meant bars not handguards, my mistake.
  14. mopower

    after-market exhaust/400exc

    Jetting is all you need.