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  1. Zeeno

    Repair locks after attempted theft

    Erik, Can you tell me what the difference is between the 37000-29831 part number you gave me and the other 3 part numbers for the lock set I'm seeing? Thanks.
  2. Zeeno

    Repair locks after attempted theft

    Haha I actually gave the drill to the cop even though they probably won't do anything with it. I have a nicer drill and using that one would just piss me off every time I looked at it.
  3. Zeeno

    Repair locks after attempted theft

    I did file a police report, but they said there wasn't much they could do, fingerprints or otherwise. My apartment doesn't release security footage unless subpoena'd. I ordered a disc rotor lock for the DRZ in anticipation of another theft attempt. Also ordered an alarm for my more valuable 2014 Triumph STR which they didn't touch (it already had a cover and disc rotor lock).
  4. Zeeno

    Repair locks after attempted theft

    Quick question: what is the difference between these different lock set part numbers? How do I know which one is correct? From 2006 Suzuki DRZ400SM parts fiche.
  5. Zeeno

    Repair locks after attempted theft

    Also thanks Erik I forgot about the helmet lock. Doh. ­čśÁ
  6. Zeeno

    Repair locks after attempted theft

    Yup, it looked like the original drill packaging was there with it which I thought was funny. My guess is they got spooked too. Only other explanation they didn't get it is because I didn't have the battery in it for winter storage. I'll check out your suggestions Erik. Thanks.
  7. Hi y'all, This past weekend some &%$#@! tried to steal my 2006 DRZ400SM. The final damages (as far as I can tell) are a drilled out steering lock and ignition switch. What are my options for fixing this? I found a replacement ignition switch with keys, but realized that my gas cap wouldn't be able to use the same key... right? The genius even left behind the drill they were using. Weird. Thanks.
  8. Zeeno

    Zeeno's DRZ Thread

    Installed some blue silicone radiator hoses today:
  9. Zeeno

    DRZ SM keyless gas cap

    It looks like a repurposed fanny pack to me haha
  10. Sometimes I just scrape what's leftover in my frying pan into a funnel and throw that in the doctor z.
  11. Zeeno

    Wisconsinite762 Mod Thread

    Where do you go biking? i have been staring at mountain bikes online a lot haha.
  12. Zeeno

    Zeeno's DRZ Thread

    Installed quiet insert for Powercore 4 exhaust and rejetted to account for change in airflow
  13. Zeeno

    DRZ street riding with music?

    Yo Ron, Here's what I do and it works well. Get a pair of earbuds that have an inline volume adjustment that work with the iPod (I assume that exists, it does for my phone). Adjust volume on the go. To get helmet on, stick earbuds them in your ears decently far and angle them backwards (wire pointing behind you). Then when putting helmet on squeeze sides out so they push on your ears as little as possible. If it pulls them out at all they pretty much are useless and you have to start over.
  14. Zeeno

    fancied a change from yellow

    Why is there a picture of your garage floor? I don't get it.
  15. Zeeno

    Quick jetting advice

    What does surging feel/sound like? I hear about it a lot but don't know if i've ever experienced it or not.