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  1. Fastest1

    400 street price

    Nothing wrong with Ted, yet there are plenty of problems with CA and its endless restrictions. Nothing bankruptcy won't cure I guess.
  2. Fastest1

    Help with brake bleeding!

    Back bleeding can also be done with a syringe. Force the fluid in thru the bleeder, watch the reservoir as it will overfill. Also regarding conventional bleeding. For years I was taught to pump the brakes or clutch, hold pressure on the system and then release the bleeder quickly and retighten before letting pressure off of the lever/pedal. I have since been told to release the bleeder and gently squeeze then retighten. I have tried it both ways and believe better results are obtained quicker using the second technique (not pressurizing the system prior to opening the bleeder)
  3. Fastest1

    yz250 petcock(gas tap)with reserve?

    It will not affect the flow. It does not require drilling. There will be 2 tubes sticking up in the petcock with the reserve. One tube (the main) sticks up higher than the reserve tube. They both have a sock or prefilter.
  4. Fastest1

    yz426f oil line delet kit?

    Yes Cowboy! I mostly clean the carb more than I ride now days. I have moved to within a few miles of 3 Palms in the Houston Conroe area but am too old to ride there. Most likely going to start riding the forest. 3 kids have slowed me down but they are now between 10-13 so maybe there will be time. Good to hear from you.
  5. Fastest1

    Roczen Making Changes

    John set the foundation. If you watched John in his prime, you would understand exactly where Eli gets his determination. I can't wait for him to move up!
  6. Fastest1

    Can Chad podium the next sx season

    BS. Do motocrossers believe they are superior? RV would have a learning curve too. He wouldn't win anything and have his ass handed to him until he learned the game and attained the endurance. Same with road racing, flat tracking, trials and any other skill. The people at the top are there for a reason and it isn't because the motocrossers haven't entered yet.
  7. Fastest1

    yz250 petcock(gas tap)with reserve?

    Worked on a YZ426f too.
  8. Fastest1

    Can Chad podium the next sx season

    Are you under the impression he has trail skills? Do you not think the GNCC guys are fast? Maybe you should enter a race a see how well a motocross rider does. I think you will be surprised, maybe shocked. Wear a mask. You will know why afterwards.
  9. Fastest1

    Roczen Making Changes

    Eli has had his father John as a trainer since birth. Going to be hard to compete on that one. A lifetime of fitness. From what I can see Tomac just man handles the bike.
  10. Fastest1

    yz426f oil line delet kit?

    Btw, The BK Mod was named for its creator, Brian Kinney. He was Tim Ferry's mechanic. Tim was the first Yz400f factory rider.
  11. Fastest1

    yz426f oil line delet kit?

    The BK Mod was done to early 426's (maybe even all) due to a large squirt from the accel pump. It had a tendency to flood the motor (or actually wet the plug). IIRC the wonderful Garrett Berg aka Motoman393 brought it to our attention. A simple mod if it hasn't been done already. Another good product for this particular bike IMO was to install a plate in the intake just before the carb. Between the air box and carb not carb and motor. This product could be homemade or purchased. I believe it became known as the power wing IIRC. All I know is that it helped mine start considerably easier for whatever reason ( this is a hotly contested mod. Believe what you want. I believe it works well was worth the effort or money). It can always be removed if it doesn't work for you. A JD jetting kit is essential if it isn't already installed. (It contains a variation of accel pump mod also).
  12. Fastest1

    yz426f oil line delet kit?

    Good choice though you could probably find the kit cheaply ( the one benefit of having an older bike, cheap aftermarket parts!). Have you done all of the free mods? BK mod? Auto decompression cam from a 450 or Hotcams? All good mods.
  13. Fastest1

    500 XC-W feels soft

    The Rekluse adds no more "bottom end". It is just a big centrifugal clutch. You can adjust the amount of slippage if you need to fine tune it. Otherwise they are great IMO. I have been running the gen 2 since they first came out. (After a very inexpensive update from gen 1 to gen 2) directly from Rekluse back in the day 02-03 maybe? A long time ago either way.
  14. I do know in Hare Scrambles it is mostly all orange starting and finishing. Judging from MX, SX and Last Man Standing type competitions, KTM is very well placed. Not bad marketing apparently. Fiat 500 as a good car? POS.
  15. Fastest1

    Have to start bike like 2t

    It requires some air to start. Sounds like the slide is closed all of the way. Adjusting the idle a little higher (will keep the slide up a tad) and eliminate your issues. If the choke is killing it, you are jetted wrong.