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    Motorbikin, cutting trees, rafting, drinking beer, shooting guns, hanging with friends
  1. Ride or Die

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Just got this code today, cz7800191. First come first served!
  2. I live in Steamboat and the GH trail is a short ride from my house, ridden the trail once and am looking forward to doing it again. Shoot me a message if you are heading this way and want somebody to ride with! Cheers, Jeff
  3. Ride or Die

    Looking for first Bike

    Thanks for y'alls opinions, I think I'm at least going to go check it out. 1500 is my max I can spend on a bike right now and for around here in the mountains that seems like a good deal compared to all the other CL motorcycle ads. Everything is more expensive when it has to travel over a few mountain passes to get there! Jeff
  4. Ride or Die

    Looking for first Bike

    Hey there, my name is Jeff and I'm new to the forum and riding motorcycles in general. I'm trying to get my first bike and want to run one I'm thinkg about past ya. Its a 2003 KLX 400 13,000 miles and a REPO!!!...Not too sure what to think about this other than its a negative thing. The bank lady says it only needs new signals and brake and clutch lever because they are bent, and new tires, but it suposedly runs well. I would like to get it for 1,300 or 1,500 at most. Here's a pic and the listing. I'm planning on riding FS roads and trails and around town. I've only heard great things about these bikes. Any opinions on the deal are greatly appreciated. 2003 Kawasaki KLX 400 $1,800.00 or best offer needs some work runs good. Cheers, Jeff
  5. Ride or Die

    Is this a good deal?

    Thanks for the input guys, I got a shady vibe just talking to the guy selling it. I'm going to hold off. Thanks for being a voice of reason. Jeff
  6. Ride or Die

    Is this a good deal?

    Hey there, My name is Jeff and I'm new to the Forum and motorcycling in general. I am looking to buy my first bike and came across this one...what do ya think? Talking to the owner I found out that it needs a bulb for the head light, the rear brake doesn't work (needs fluid or just bleeding, so he says) and one of the fork boots leaks. Im thinking it would be a sweet bike for a little less, but the owner is firm on the price. I live in Steamboat Springs, CO and plan on riding trails, and FS roads in the area, and also zipping around town. Thanks in advance for any thought on the bike! Here is the ad: 97 XR with a Thumper 440cc kit, taper handle bars, hand guards, street tire, street legal with license plate, well maintained, fast, great get around bike for town $1,500.00 Jeff Cheers, Jeff