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  1. good idea, I may look into that. That might be a cheaper route as well.
  2. I tried to figure it out on my own on their site but couldnt get any straight answers. Maybe Ill email thier support.
  3. I have a T-4 exhaust that I got as a gift awhile ago on my 2001 S. I have the stock header mated with it right now. the stock header makes no power ontop of looking like crap so I was curious if anyone knows any other options that will fit with little aggravation, the stock header even needed some enginuity to make happen. If theres no option thats stainless, looks like ill be painting the stocker. Heres the exhaust for reference:
  4. Dang, I have a lot to think about. I'm trying to do this cheap as possible on my part time salary haha. I love it here already thanks for the info!!!!
  5. thanks for all that info! What it really boils down to I guess is should I even bother with them or try to find a new pair? I cant find SM trees and forks for a reasonable price but I do see a pair of 2002 E forks on ebay for 160$. What would I be gaining with those forks, as far as feel? and what do you think my old forks would fetch for a price?
  6. Hey guys! ive crept here before but this is my first actual post. Ive had my 2001 drz400s for a long time now and I got the bug to convert it to a supermoto, but thats been covered many times and my question has nothing to do with that. after ordering many dollars worth of parts I realized my suspension has never been touched, probably since it rolled off the assembly line. I want to redo the fork springs and rear shock as cheap as possible. Im willing to take a shot at it with the service manual in hand but I dont know where to start as far as ordering new parts. The whole suspension is just bad, the rear shock just doesnt feel right, too spongy almost. I understand I need fork springs and the brand "race tech" keeps coming up but I dont know what part number I actually need. Im 180lbs if that helps. Also what weight fork oil should Is suggested? As far as the rear goes can i get away with just replacing the oil? if not what part # do I need for the rear shock? Im trying to keep it on the firm side for street supermoto use. Sorry if im vague or not providing enough information, still learning things past routine maintenence. Thanks!