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    2013 Honda XR650L won't start

    After changing the CDI box with a brand new one, I still had the same problem. The next time the bike wouldn't start there was no spark, so I unplugged the connection at the pulse generator and there was no resistance measurement. The bike sat for about 10 minutes then there was a resistance measurement, the bike started right up. So I'm sure the pulse generator was the problem the whole time.
  2. Hi fellow 650 riders. I have a Honda XR650L 2013, it has 7000km on it. About a month ago I noticed a problem. Once in a while I would shut the bike off for a couple of minutes, I would try to restart it, but the bike wouldn't fire. I would keep trying for about 15 minutes, then it would start. Over the past couple of weeks its gotten worse. Now every couple of days the bike won't start first thing in the morning. If you try again later it starts. I was going to take it to my dealer but its hard to troubleshoot when its working. The spark plug was changed a couple of months ago. Has anybody had this happen to them before? Thanks for any help.
  3. wcrm

    2013 Honda xr650l problem

    Can this problem be solved by a valve adjustment? Before they serviced the bike, there was no popping. Also the caberator on this bike is sealed so adjusting it would be difficult. Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I recently bought a new Honda xr650l 2013 bike. The bike ran great, it had 1500km on it. I took it to my Honda dealership for the first service, when I got the bike home and tested it out. I found the bike popping on deacceleration, it never did this this before. I took it back to the dealership and complained, they said they tighted all four valves to spec. They said all four valves were loose. I decided to adjust the valves myself and the problem is still there. It seems to me from the factory all the valves were loose compared to spec. I'm thinking of loosing all four valves. Has anybody else seen this. Thanks.