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  1. GetMotarded

    SM parts to an E?

    So i just scored. Big time! I got a set of wheels, tyres, discs, both sprockets, chain, plastics and a fuel tank off a DRZ SM for $1000. Yes $1000. Im happy Just wondering if anybody knows how i will go fitting the wheels and the fuel tank to my E model (here in Australia). I understand the ill have some issues with the fuel tank if anybody has any info that will be great. But what about the wheels, are they plug and play or do i need some caliper adapters or anything? thanks if advance
  2. GetMotarded

    Drz Valve clearance problem - With Pictures!

    yep got plenty of spark, it fired up this afternoon, i went for a ride and was idling a little bit, and even started again even though it was hot which it usually dosent, althought it takes about 5 seconds of cranking and some throttle twisting. any more ideas? thanks again for the help guys!
  3. GetMotarded

    Drz Valve clearance problem - With Pictures!

    Ok, might leave the snorkel untill i get the thing running. I just put it back together and it wont start at all now, any ideas? thanks for your help man
  4. GetMotarded

    Drz Valve clearance problem - With Pictures!

    ok, ill get onto that CE when i get it running right! haha jetting is completely stock, snorkel is in place but will remove it now. any ideas on why it wont start when its hot? cheers, mark
  5. GetMotarded

    Drz Valve clearance problem - With Pictures!

    Sweet, ill check that out, do you reccomend doing the CE mod? Its hard to start cold, then when it runs for a couple of minutes it wont start again
  6. GetMotarded

    Drz Valve clearance problem - With Pictures!

    thanks for the welcome! i was going to introduce myself but this is driving me nuts and want to get it sorted! lol Great to know the cams look ok, so having just the one exhaust valve out is ok and normal? do you think it could be the reason why the bike is not running when its hot? or anything else i could check bike has 9000kms on it and i have no idea about the jetting but i would guess 99% that its stock, and not to sure what the coast enrichener is? thanks for your help!
  7. G,day guys I recently bought a 04' Drz400E. The bike starts sometimes, but as soon as it gets hot it wont start at all. I can crank it over fine till the battery dies but it just wont start. theres no popping or backfiring at all. I removed the carb and got it cleaned, then checked the valve clearances. As you can see in the pictures the In clearances are fine at about .15, and the exhaust clearance closest to the cams is fine at about .25. BUT! the exhaust valve on the chain side of the bike is really tight, at about .15? I have no idea why as im not very mechanically minded. As you can see in the photos of the cam gears , the two arrows that are supposed to be facing each other, arent? The cam on the right's arrow is facing slightly lower than the other. Also the marking that has been previously done on the cams does not match up to the one on the chain? Im completetly lost and not sure whats going on. any help at all will be greatly appreciated! cheers, Mark