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    Trail Riding. Exploring old mine shafts, finding old junk!
  1. camaro307

    Any members from CA?

    I live in CA and got my FMF Powercore 4 Hex exhaust shipped to me via Amazon.
  2. camaro307

    Which Skid Plate do you prefer?

    I have a Flatlands skid plate. While it seems heavy, it also seems heavy duty. Since I have a FMF Powercore Hex 4 exhaust, I don't really notice the echoing that some are complaining about. This bike already weighs a ton, and after the Grand Prix race, I have discovered that in no way can I compete with other "dirt only" bikes. The extra weight that this skid plate may have is insignificant, since it is tougher than the plastic one (and cheaper). I guess living in California and Arizona, I have more rocks to worry about, instead of just tree roots.
  3. camaro307

    What's your mod list?

    Just curious of your mods list. I will list what I have done so far. I would like to see in a list what you have done to your bike... -13T Sprocket -Plasti-dipped red plastics Black -FMF Powercore exhaust -Flatlands Radiator guard -MSR aluminum shifter lever -Borrego tail rack -Rear brake master cylinder guard -Zeta billet heel guard -Zeta skid plate -Zeta armor guards with XC protectors & integrated flashers (stock front flashers removed) -Front side reflectors removed -Dennis Kirk expandable tail bag -Fixed rate turn signal flasher -DRC Edge 2 LED tail light -DRC Edge 2 upgraded processor board -Smoked color tail lens -GPS RAM mount for Garmin GPS -Cigarette lighter adapter mounted to handlebar -Seat Concepts seat regular gripper black -Dunlop intermediate tires front and rear -Modified license plate mount/frame -All stickers removed -HID white front headlight
  4. camaro307

    On a Lighter note-What was your first car?

    1988 toyota pickup. 4 cyl Long bed Manual transmission Dented Painted dark green with a paintbrush
  5. camaro307

    How many here are or were in the Military?

    USMC, 0331 (Machinegunner) from 2007 to 2012.
  6. camaro307

    Seat concepts vs. Corbin saddle

    No experience with the Corbin seat, but it looks nice. I got the SeatConcepts seat put on by the owners themselves at their headquarters and they gave me a "local riders discount. We talked riding and about the seats for a bit as they worked right in front of me and did it for me. I was told the low height seat had less padding and might not be as comfortable, so I went with the regular seat height, black gripper with carbon. I am pleased so far. Quality seems high and the look is far better than stock.
  7. camaro307

    Zeta handguards with flashers install

    I realize it is wired improperly, I put in the flasher relay so the front flashes at normal speed, but it has somehow affected the rear DRC Edge 2 taillight, making it signal right when no signal is used, and flash irregularly when I do signal. Perhaps another issue. Again, I said I probably wired it wrong. But is it fantastic customer service after you are helped to tell the paying customer not to complain about it on a forum? Or how about go out of their way to quote Wikipedia about China and Thailand to try and prove you wrong somehow? I am learning to do all the work myself and not pay someone to do it for me. It is a bit harder for me than some of you since my arm was re-attached 2 years ago and I have constant pain (from Afghanistan).
  8. camaro307

    Zeta handguards with flashers install

    You are so snarky and cute! Much better than the nah nah nah nah boo boo I expected from you. Keep ordering those Chinese parts you loyal boss hog of a man you.
  9. camaro307

    Zeta handguards with flashers install

    I believe I said thanks for the help, and I even admitted "I probably did the wiring wrong". I simply vented my frustrations on the install process, and said I didn't get any instructions. I do appreciate that creamcheese responded and offered a refund and help. As far as the comment that I should only contact Wheeling Cycle Supply with complaints and not post them here-- that's just absurd. This is a forum, we are free to say as we please about products we are pleased or not pleased with. I also appreciate the non-cynical history lesson about Taiwan and China. It's always nice to have a company tell you not to complain about them, give you a condescending history lesson, and tell you the way you "deal"'with things is a poor example of business, all on an open forum about a bike they ship parts for. Let's all continue to support this company and send them money. They obviously have professional people.
  10. camaro307

    Got a new Hero3 and the funniest thing happened

    Great looking plasti-dip! Where is that house? Beautiful wherever you are. Just get that seat changed out to a black "seatconcepts" seat and you are in stealth mode!
  11. camaro307

    speedo problems

    I hope the dealer can fix this!! I had a 1 year manufacturing warranty, are you still under that?
  12. camaro307

    Zeta handguards with flashers install

    I did purchase the Zeta Hanguards and flashers from Wheeling Cycling Supply. Not only did my LED display show constant flashers as on, my rear LED flashers are also messed up. Just turning my bike on makes my rear LED signal left, and when I signal left or right, it kind of flickers and doesn't know what to do. Perhaps I did the wiring wrong, but up front everything works fine and it just messed up my rear 12 o' clock labs light somehow. creamcheese said : Also, if you did buy the products from us,and wanted to remedy the problems, you should have contacted us, as opposed to coming on here and complaining about the products. So I am not supposed to complain about having trouble with a purchased product from your company? I'm sure you don't like that, but I think it's my right to complain with problems that I have on a forum that is about a specific bike. This is ThumperTalk, not Wheeling Cycling Supply forum. I am allowed to to complain and review all products related to this motorcycle. The bike is made in Taiwan, but your parts are manufactured in China. I had problems, and frustrations. I will be returning this product and getting a full refund, as well as informing thousands of others about my troubles. Deal with it Wheeling Cycling Supply.
  13. camaro307

    Zeta handguards with flashers install

    Thanks for the help. I do not have oversized bars, just stock ones. The clamps are not labeled L for left or R for right. I tightened the bolt that attaches from the clamp to the bar until "my eyes popped out" and it ended up stripping the bolt, using just an allen wrench....cheap bolt. After wiring the handguard flashers, and seeing that they worked, I got on my bike to go around the block, and noticed both flashers on my display are constantly "ON", and do not display when one side signal is flashing and the other isn't. I wish I never got this expensive upgrade, it has been nothing but problems, and frustration, missing instructions. I guess I should have noticed "Made in China".
  14. camaro307

    Zeta handguards with flashers install

    After 2 hours of fighting and cursing, I got the handguards on, I didn't even attempt to wire the flashers. The main trouble came when putting the throttle side bar in the throttle tube. I ended up drilling the entire side of my throttle tube to make it fit- or it would rub and make my throttle stick and not 'snap back'. The handguard bars are still a bit loose no matter how hard I tighten the screws. The Zeta handguards with built in flashers are a bit smaller than I expected and seem a bit 'flimsy'. I hope this product holds up well....not sure if it was worth the $160.00
  15. So I got the Zeta handguards with the LED flashers today. There were no instructions on the install. Any help is appreciated, including the wiring and how to take off the old front flashers, they don't come right off..