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  1. I'm adding a full exhaust to my 12 XC-F 250 EFI. I was wondering if the bike would have to be re-mapped? I was told the EFI will adjust itself. Not sure if that is true. Any comments would be appreciated.
  2. Alright Dudes, I'm sure this question has been asked before, but it's 3:00 am and I'm to tired o look through all the posts. Long story short. Rode my bike the day prior, no issues. The next day, about 4 miles out,no pressure in my clutch at all. Rebuilt the master with a new piston, etc. This is where I'm having an issue. Tried to back bleed with a syringe and will not let fluid up to the master??? BANGING MY HEAD!!! Any ideas would be appreciated.
  3. OneFiveRacing

    2012 KTM 350xcf graphics

    Motonack is spot on.
  4. OneFiveRacing

    Acerbis Replacement Plastic Kit

    I had the same issue. The airbox side was the only one that was a little tight. I just heated it up with a hair dryer. It seemed to snap on better. The rest of them fit like a glove.
  5. OneFiveRacing

    Add oil to oil filter reservoir?

    I just fill the filter with oil. Been doing that for years. No issues.
  6. OneFiveRacing

    2012 xcf 250

    If you live in a cold climate like I do. New England. I run 10-40 winter no issues and 10-50 in summer no issues.IMO
  7. OneFiveRacing

    2012 xcf 250

    I also have the same bike. I thought the issue with the tensioner was with the 2011? And was told KTM fixed the problem on the 2012. Not sure, that what I was told.Anymore input on that, i'm all ears.
  8. OneFiveRacing

    Insurance woes.....

    Full coverage, All State INS in new hampshire a big wopping $97 dollars. Thats right, $97 dollars.
  9. From what I know, they are the same bikes, different gearing, bigger tank other than that, same bike.
  10. OneFiveRacing

    2013 250SXF 110hr Rebuild after 12 months

    i'm a first time KTM owner myself, running the 12 XC-F 250. I love it. Took awhile to get the front forks dialed in, but other than that, very solid bike. Good luck with the rebuild.
  11. OneFiveRacing

    Custom Painted Helmet.

    I'm looking to have my helmet painted. I'm from New England. Anyone have any suggestions? I heard HELLION DESIGNS out of mass does a great job.
  12. IMO no need to run one. I have the same bike 2012. Changed fluid to engine ice and silicone hoses haven't had a boil over since. And I ride some very slow single track here in New England.
  13. OneFiveRacing

    Let's talk tires for the woods guys

    Maxxis intermitiate up front and a pirelli in the back i think its the MT16. Perfect comb for new england. Some people may argue the bridgestone is better up front.I like the Maxxis. Bites good.
  14. OneFiveRacing

    Chain cleaner?

    IMO Motorex Chain Cleaner works the best. The stuff just melts away. No need to use any type of brush. Pressure washer is all thats needed.The thing comes out looking brand new.
  15. OneFiveRacing

    2012 250 xc-f with 280 kit

    I haven't but, curious to hear how it works for you. I may have to get one. I wouldn't go any bigger than a 270 on my bike. Keep me posted.