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    1997 Honda XR250R "mint"
  1. I assume you mean o ring chains? Never heard of x ring chains.
  2. Well guys thanks for weighing in. I am going to give the Dupont Teflon a least until I can find a good supplier of those seal tears.
  3. Don't get sold on horsepower. I recently changed from the kdx200.which is a legend in the woods, to a xr250r. I couldn't be happier. Its the steady low easy to control power of the xr that can't be beat. You won't wow anybody, and few will notice your bike at the traihead, but yours will be the biked that always runs, and you will be the rider enjoying the trail instead of bragging How big you went when you explain your cast to your friends.
  4. Often the stock horsepower is published at 28 HP at the rear wheel for the '96 and later xr250r.
  5. Well...I will admit I have used the gear lube simply because that's what Honda took time to print in the manual. But it is messy...which my ocd hates. Dry seems a bit crazy. Seal tears sound awesome...if you can get them. How about sierra club blood and tears?
  6. Now I knew..and hoped I would get some different ideas in reply...but that wasn't one I expected. Even a bicycle chain has to have something to reduce friction...I would think. Interesting. ....and very clean I assume
  7. I have been using 80/90 W gear oil like the manual recommends. Seems awful gummed up after riding and messy on the bike. What do you guys use?
  8. If you call five valley Honda in Missoula,Mt they have those stickers in stock.
  9. Appreciate the offer but then I would have to find the rest of the red plastics. Thanks though. Are you guys in Montana? Looks like home in the pic. I do agree that the wrong is facing wrong way. Looks weird
  10. Might have to change it back to all black
  11. My wife says I have ocd. I just enjoy maintenance. I tried out red and black on right side of bike on the tank.
  12. Thanks. They come in a kit made by a company called Nstyle. Bought them at my local Honda dealer for $19.99. They are very good quality, almost pvc type material. Nice bike btw...I have red envy...never understood why Honda thought white would be a good Idea for a bike you will ride in dirt. Lol
  13. I kind of like the conservative look of these decals as opposed to the original decals on my 97. What do you guys think?
  14. We all know better than that my friend. It means its the perfect platform to start with. Meaning not modded to some other riders tastes. The perfect place to start building from.