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  1. Just moved from northern California to Richland, Wa. Anyone have any suggestions to go trail riding/ dual sport riding? I have already been out to the Juniper dunes and it was "OK" but hot hot hot with no shade and just a whole bunch of sand which really wasn't my preference. I may be a bit spoiled from all the great riding areas in northern California. I am looking for a more scenic area with a few trees to get a break from the heat.
  2. So a friend of mine needed cash pretty bad and so he gave me a great deal on a 2000 ttr225 and motorcycle trailer for $600. Now the bike had been sitting for quite some time (over two years) and he said it would fire but not run properly. I pulled the carb and cleaned it really well, air filter, dumped fuel ect. So my problem now is that the bike fires right up but... it will idle a little bit rough but it will spontaneously rev up on its own. It runs very nice when I give it some throttle but it will often take several seconds to return to an idle after releasing the throttle. Sometimes when it revs up on its own it will return to an idle after several seconds just to sputter out and die. I checked for air leaks around the intake with some carb cleaning but did not find anything. I messed with the mix screw in several different positions but it seemed to have no effect on it. I am not a great bike mechanic so I am at a loss, does anyone have a suggestion on what the issue may be? Thanks.
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    2000 TTR225 carb

    Hey Dennis, I am in the same boat as you. Just picked up a 2000 ttr225 and it had the broken carb cover as well. After searching far and wide on many parts sites, no one carries that part anymore. But there is good news! You can get it on ebay. Just ordered one myself. Follow the link below- http://www.ebay.com/itm/281300294655?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:VRI&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2661 In case the link doesnt work copy and paste this description into eBays search engine- Yamaha TTR225, XT225, Wolverine Mikuni Carburetor Cover with spring and o-ring
  4. I live in Colusa County. It's pretty rural, so I don't think obtaining the CCW should be too hard. Has anyone received a CCW in Colusa County or attempted to do so? My riding buddy lives in Sutter County so it may be a different story for him.
  5. I bought a Kawi klx250s as my first bike and found it very forgiving for a newbie. Just like the Yamaha, it's been relatively unchanged for years and has lots of options to increase power later down the road after you get some riding time in.
  6. Sorry, can't get the google map link to work properly.
  7. Hey Soodo, I don't know too much about areas to ride in the Yosemite area other than I did do a 2 day group trip with Family Offroad Adventure in the Yosemite area. I wasn't a huge fan of the route but if you want to pick something fairly easy, in terms of planning, I know you can pick up the GPS route for this ride from GPSxchange.com. There is several campgrounds in the area. If you have never been to the Stonyford/Mendocino Forest area you may want to look in to it. The area is loaded with trails and it is legal to disperse camp, so you can literally just get lost and camp wherever you want. They have some really nice trail maps for free at the Ranger Station just outside of the town of Stonyford. The only downside is that it can get really hot in this area and you may need to carry fuel if you don't have a very large tank or plan on riding a lot of trails. There is gas in Stonyford, Lake Pillsbury,and in Upper Lake. My favorite trip I have done so far was a 4 day trip where we made a loop around Mt. Lassen, it basically looked something like this- https://www.google.com/maps?t=m&ll=39.13134199999999%2C-121.6432625&spn=0.07257353851465324%2C0.12474833400591258&output=classic&dg=opt ' I think the Mt. Lassen area is one of the most underrated parks in CA. As far as packing, some of the useful things I have learned is- Water is heavy and cumbersome, a water filter like a Katadyn or MSR is pretty clutch for saving a lot of weight. We bring a Katadyn and it hooks directly into our camelbaks and works really great. In the summer, I usually opt to bring a hammock with a built in mosquito net rather then a tent. The hammock is super light and I can usually just carry a fleece blanket rather than a sleeping bag as well. I am budget guy and don't like spending money on fancy equipment so I will carry a homemade supercat stove with Heet for fuel - costs about $2 and weighs next to nothing. I will also make my own "MREs" using a food saver vacuum with dehydrated and/or nonperishable foods. Emergency supplies for the worst case scenario- first aid kit, maps, compass, tool kit, spare tubes, fire steel, 550 cord ect... And lastly, my buddy swears by purchasing a pack of cheap Wal-Mart socks and each night he changes in to a new pair and throws his dirty pair into the fire, you can take that for whatever it's worth.
  8. So my friend and I are currently planning a 7 day dual sport ride all throughout the northern California area, Lost Coast, Mt. Shasta, Mendocino & Plumas Forests ect.. We will be going well off the beaten path into some remote corners of the state. In some previous trips we have had a couple situations that I would have felt much more comfortable having a sidearm handy including a close encounter with a bear and a confrontation with some meth heads out in the middle of nowhere, fortunately we were close or on our bikes and were able to ride away from both situations quickly to get out of trouble. I have researched the laws pertaining to carrying a firearm on a motorcycle and I find them vague at best. We were at a sportsman expo last year and CA Fish and Game had a booth set up with about 6 wardens posted up. I asked them about legality of carrying a pistol while dual sport camping. Well, after being passed around to about 4 different wardens who didn't seem to have a clue, one warden finally offered this answer- "It depends on who stops you and what kind of mood they are in if you will be in any kind of trouble or not. Just make sure to let them know you are carrying. You should look up the penal code." Wow, thanks for nothing. I thought it was your job to know the penal code, not mine. It seems they know about as much as I do about the subject. Anyways, I am not interested in starting any sort of gun control debate, but rather was interested in knowing if there is any other riders in Cali who carry a sidearm, if they have ever been stopped by any sort of law enforcement, and what was the outcome? How/ what do you carry? We were intending to get our CCW permit before then but realistically don't have the time to obtain it before our trip, plus, even with a CCW it still seems to be a grey area when it comes to carrying on a motorcycle. BTW- just to be as law compliant as possible, the plan was to carry the pistol in my unloaded .40 S&W in my camelbak with the magazine in the front fender bag during riding and open carry in a holster at our campsites (this part I know is legal). I know its not "easily accessible" during the rides but better than not having it at all and I don't anticipate the need to do any drive-bys.
  9. PopNrobb

    Questions from an XR newbie

    The tank was pretty faded. I am sure the paint won't last long and I will end up sanding it down like you suggested. I just wanted something quick I could put on that would somewhat match.
  10. PopNrobb

    Questions from an XR newbie

    Chuck4788- I ordered #8 & #9 online should have it next week sometime, better get it soon as my neighbor called the cops on me because of the noise when I took a hot lap down the street to try the new tires I put on . I saw the Maier headlight, but I would really like to have stock stuff, had a bid on Ebay of a guy selling all the plastics and headlight and told the wife to bid on it for me while I was at work and she "forgot"...oh well, I will keep looking. Did an oil change last weekend and put in some Kawasaki 4 stroke oil I had on hand and noticed an improvement in the "jerkyness". I will give the Shell oil a try on the next oil change. Baja Rambler- Definitely going to try your suggestion with the brakes after my second attempt at bleeding them didn't make much of a difference, still really spongy with not much stopping power. Front brake is good tho. XR250INOZ- yes, the tank is painted, i think the color is technically Yamahonda blue. I appreciate all the advice, I think my mechanical skills have moved up a couple notches and tackling some these projects, I am getting more confident to start turning some wrenches on my $5k bike after honing some skills on my $700 bike. Now I just got to find some time to go ride!
  11. PopNrobb

    Questions from an XR newbie

    Thanks for the info guys!
  12. J, I would love to check out your gear list. Hit me up at arquettez@comcast.net
  13. Hi J, Just starting to plan out the next trip. I have been browsing around GPSexchange.com seeing if I can find some helpful tracks as I haven't been through that area before, but I have read stories about how nice it is. Thinking about using a GPS track used for the Sheetiron 300 for the first partof the trip..... definitely will be spending some time with google earth too! I typically don't do too much planning as we really just like to see where the road, or lack there of, takes us. Thanks for the tip about the water, we carry camelbaks and a Katadyn water filter and we will refill at streams and ponds we encounter. I will hit you up if we plan another trip. Where are you located? I am in Colusa.
  14. Anyone else ride a dual sport to go camping in the northern California area? Just curious if any of the forum members out there do the same that my friend and I do. 2 years ago we both bought new 2010 Kawi KLX250s' with the intention of taking breaks from our busy work schedules to get lost in the woods for a few days. We have about half a dozen trips under our belt, mostly in the Mendocino and Plumas Forrest areas. We are not into tearing through the woods at mach speeds but rather our focus is to seek out remote and beautiful areas of the northern state and get as far away from the crowds and cities and just enjoy the ride. We pack only the bare minimum that we can carry on the back of the bikes and in a small backpack like GPS, fuel, hammock, blanket, mess kit, water filter, dehydrated food..ect.. We started with just overnight excursions in fair weather and have progressed with our last trip being 5 days/ 4 nights and well as a 3 day trip in early winter during somewhat rough weather. We thought it would be fun to have an adventure with more people so we have tried going on the "dual sport club" rides and quickly found out that is not our kind of fun. Not to say we haven't met some nice people in these events, but somehow paying for the privilege to ride down fire roads with 50-100 other people who most of which fancy themselves as amateur racers didn't quite sit right with me. We have already had some "adventures" of our own during our trips including a bear encounter, narrowly escaping pit bull guard dogs protecting a pot garden, and a run-in with with some "mountain folk" that had us worried about becoming a Deliverance squeal, crisis adverted thank god. But the unexpected came in other memorable ways as well, we have been woken up in the morning to a fawn poking her head into our hammocks, finding one of the most remote and beautiful swimming hole after an all day hot summer ride, and finding some camping spots that can only be reached on a dirt bike that looked like a post card. So, anyways, does anyone else use their dual sport to go on multi-day camping trips? Where do you go? What do you bring with you? Got any tips on locations or gear? Got any cool stories about your trips? I would love to hear anything you could share. BTW- We are planing our next trip for late July. We are looking at doing a 5 or 6 night trip through the Mendocino Forrest, over to Fort Bragg area, up through the Lost Coast, into Oregon, over the Crater Lake area, down through Mt. Shasta and back home. If anyone is interested in tagging along we would welcome like minded adventures. Rob
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    Questions from an XR newbie

    Hi All, New to the forum and fairly new to off-road riding in general. Here is the deal- I was looking for a very inexpensive bike to pick up as a second bike to have in addition to my Kawasaki dual-sport (2010 KLX250S) to serve as a dirt only option as well as a loaner bike to my buddies who are without a bike for weekend rides. I came across a guy on Facebook desperate for cash due to having a baby on the way and after a little negotiating I bought his 1991 Honda XR250R for $700. Now the bike needed a little work and was ugly as all get out, but it seemed to run strong and that with a little time and money I could make it at least "decent". Now, my mechanical skills are probably about 3.5/10 on a good day, so I have only approached a few things I was comfortable with or could follow easily via Youtube videos or Thumper Talk posts and fit my extremely tight budget. I did some painting (ugly but works), replaced the broken levers, adjusted some cables, ordered some new tires..ect.. After doing a little work I hit a few bumps in the road that are beyond my limited mechanical skills and was hoping the knowledgeable folks in this forum could lend some help. I apologize if some of my questions are a little stupid, remember I am new at this.... 1. The bike seems very loud. It looks like I am missing the baffle/silencer/spark arrestor from the muffler (see pic). Is there somewhere I can get a used OEM replacement for cheap or an aftermarket solution that will bring the noise down? I am sure it is not within the 92db limit in the areas I typically ride. 2. I hate the ugly Acerbis headlight assembly, where can I find a stock one? 3. The guy I bought the bike from said that he put a larger sprocket on the back. The bike seems to be "jerky" as in you have to be very delicate with the clutch/throttle and makes me look like a 15 year old kid learning to drive a stick shift car whenever I ride it. Does this have anything to do with the larger sprocket? Would a smaller sprocket make the bike more manageable? What size? I favor control over power as this bike will be ridden by a lot of newbies. Any other tips to make the bike smoother and easier for a newbie to ride? 4. When I got the bike there was no brake fluid in the rear reservoir, I attempted to add fluid and "bleed" the brakes by removing the little nipple on the brake caliper and gently pumping the brake until it looked like there was no more air coming out of the line before replacing the nipple. The brakes are now very "spongy" and I have to push really hard on the rear brake to get any stopping power out of them. I assume this is from air in the brake line and my technique was far from appropriate, how should I do this correctly? 5. The bike has a decompression level. This is the first time I have encounter this (like I said I am new to this stuff). What exactly is it for and how/when do I properly use it? Thanks ahead of time to anyone who takes the time to respond to my blabbering