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    2002 crf450 take a chance?

    thanks guys. that is the way I was leaning but I was wishing otherwise
  2. smithfix

    2002 crf450 take a chance?

    Hello new to this forum and am looking for advice.I have a chance to buy a 2002 crf 450r for 900$.The good.also good is the bike is in great shape great tires, powerbomb exhaust, bars and maybe 10 hrs on complete rebuild.The bad the owner is a honest person and on the last ride heard lots of niose from the tranny.conclusion is the well documented right side crank seal has most likely been compremised and oil migrated out of tranny. the bike currantly starts runs and rides(short) great no noise no problems.So in your wisdom or knowledge what is the probability that after fixing the seal that the bike will have tranny problems or are they bullet proof , or is it a absolute must to go through the tranny? whole motor? the life of a nice crf450 rests in your hands thanks