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  1. cdrum95

    Loss of power? yz250

    Yeah the power valve was stuck closed. Something froze it and I just replaced it and never had a issue.
  2. cdrum95

    1998 yz 250

    I'm looking for a new powervalve anyone know where I can buy one?
  3. cdrum95

    Loss of power? yz250

    Well I just bought the bike. I had a good five hour ride for the first ride (excluding the half hour of just playing on it once I got home) then the second ride of 30 min. And the guy said it had about a hour on it. Just broke it in and rode it a little, So I have been taking it kinda slow. But it sounds like the powervalve. Any tips on cleaning them or unsticking them?
  4. cdrum95

    Loss of power? yz250

    So I was 30min. into my ride today and out of nowhere I couldn't get into my top end. There was no longer that rich pinging sound from the exhaust... I still had power but it wasn't hitting hard at all. Just cleaned the carb out and looked at the reeds and all seems well. It felt like it wasn't jetting right and the bike wouldn't want to exceed into any more throttle than like 3/4 throttle. But it rode so fine the first 30min. Any ideas to whats up?
  5. cdrum95

    1998 yz250

    Haha yeah it's gnarly. I did get the original tank with it as well.. and I have a extra wheel with a paddle on it.
  6. cdrum95

    1998 yz250

    It did but I have like two idles. when I blip the throttle the bike will idle high. but after like five seconds it will drop to a lower idle like the slide isn't going down all the way, and just gives it a second to finally drop. but i'm pretty sure the slide is moving freely because I moved the throttle and it wasn't sticking at all...
  7. cdrum95

    1998 yz250

    Okay it didn't work but also my on my throttle return it won't go down to where i'm setting it. For example when I twist the throttle it will sit at a slightly higher idle and after a while it will go down to a lower idle.. So my throttle return sucks... and my throttle cable is moving all up and down without obstruction. I played with the throttle cable adjust and the idle twist adjust for quite a while and couldn't find a happy medium....
  8. cdrum95

    1998 yz250

    I'll check after I get out of school. But the boots are in good conditions I already checked that and I might play with the throttle cable, for some reason that totally didn't register in my mind. And after that we will see whats up. Thanks
  9. cdrum95

    1998 yz250

    I'm new to the size and new to two strokes, but anyways I bought this bike and it seems to be in fairly decent shape. I can't seem to get the idle to go down without falling on it's face though? I let it warm up them played with the adjust knob and before hand I cleaned out the carb. It just wants to idle higher than I would like it, I mean it's not horrible but it's to the point of annoying. I was thinking it was the reeds? and all the boots are sealed completely.