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  1. Shrek11

    08 safari tank on 06 bike

    From the pic it looks like it does. It's 14lts or 3.7 gal. What size is the stock. So the newer rad shrouds should bolt up the radiator.mounts points are the same still. Might see what this tank goes for.
  2. Shrek11

    08 safari tank on 06 bike

    Hi guys will an 07 safari tank fit on an 06 bikes besides the rad shrouds what would need to be changed ?
  3. Shrek11

    Crfx Plastics. looking for some help.

    Try asking for the kit supplied with earlier shrouds I went with a kit to suit 06 but with 08 up rear fender they just switched it out at the store.
  4. Shrek11

    Hammerhead brake pedal

    Mike did you run a 450r pedal on the 450x and just used a spacer having trouble finding and aftermarket pedal to suit that doesn't cost an arm and leg here is aus.
  5. So you have only rounded of the head of the bolt use a 6 point socket to remove it will be fine till you have a replacement. Also did you use a metric socket or sae?
  6. Shrek11

    05 crf450x issues?

    The x only started being built in 05 so dont think it was stopped before it was built.
  7. Shrek11

    Fuel Consumption - long range tank Australia

    Speedo works on the front wheel so changing the rear won't have any effect on it.
  8. Shrek11

    Help wiring 2005 CRF450X tail light...

    I got a tail light / brake that fits in where the stock tail light is in the guard. But you can get a slim one that fits under the guard with indicators built in so they don't stick out.
  9. Shrek11

    Xr400r vs crf250x vs crf450x

    I just went from an XR 400 to CRF450X AND love it. So.much better all round lighter more power better suspension. I'm just an weekend warrior but is perfect upgrade from the XR.
  10. Shrek11


    Just an update apparently the cr500 rim will fit took it to my suspension guy and getting him to lace up the rim and also respring my suspension can't wait
  11. Shrek11

    Help wiring 2005 CRF450X tail light...

    Best you get a test light so you can make sure which is power. And it wi only work with the bike running. Doesn't matter about the battery.
  12. Shrek11


    I've been given a rim from a cr500 anyone know if this will lace up to the crf450 hub or know where I can find out.
  13. Shrek11

    CRF450X interchangeable parts with 450R

    Yep got to love Rec reg
  14. Shrek11

    CRF450X interchangeable parts with 450R

    Down in Vic between. Ballarat and Geelong
  15. Shrek11


    Lol link didn't post. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=261577045607&alt=web