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  1. Is there a certain way the power valve linkage has to be hooked up? Like a way it has to be timed?
  2. Okay I will do that thanks
  3. Okay here it is n mm Cylinder = 54.02 Piston. = 53.97 I should have compression tested it before deciding to tear down but the guy I bought it off of said it would need a rebuild but it ran just didn't have power I'm thinking the clutch might have been wore too cause it wouldn't go any faster switch gears just the same speed it hesitated to start but that I'm sure could be a too rich of a mixture or bad plug too... Just debating to put standard piston back in or whatever I need to do... Just waiting for more heads on this one thanks guys
  4. Okay so here's the readings I got Cylinder 2.127 Piston. 2.125 What's this tel me? And what size do I need to buy thanks!
  5. That's what I was thinking ill be getting my piston and cylinder measurements today to see what size of the next kit I should get
  6. So how does that crank lubricate on these 2 strokes?
  7. Oh alright I'm still learning about the bike
  8. I would rather just get them measured and then order new ring and piston kit... Would I have them measure the piston and cylinder or just cylinder and order closest kit to it? I seen on eBay they sell a b c and d piston kits for this bike barely changing the mm by ones or twos barely jumping mm sizes
  9. Oh Alright and what is the tool called to measure the cylinder? And I tipped the bike sideways to drain the coolant ill have to clean it all out with parts cleaner or something unless you recommend something else
  10. And also there's antifreeze in the top by the crank that is just sitting there from pulling the head off of it.. I pulled the oil drain plug off and there is no antifreeze coming out of it & the antifreeze is still sitting up by the rod and crank... Is there another way to drain this? & what type and weight of lubricant should I use for the transmission (bottom end) same with what gas mixture too it's completely stock just a pipe and silencer
  11. Can I use the same piston and buy a new ring? Or just buy new piston and ring?
  12. I bought a 1995 rm 125 yesterday that needs the top end rebuilt.. It still runs well it did till we tore it down it didn't have power at all the cylinder is clean along with the piston with no scratches or anything.. I was told it just needs rebuilt and I believe it.. So my main question Is can the rm125 be bore 54.50 over? The standard bore is 54.00 or what would you guys recommend for rebuilding? Some say they can be bored and some say no? I see kits all around for oversized thanks for anyone's help.
  13. There's not many parts I can put on it besides plastic/fenders and all depends what the bike would be worth all original and rebuilt completely
  14. Lol if you say so
  15. Why's that bad haha