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    ice hockey and motorsports + im a big fan of IRON MAIDEN and heavy metal in general
  1. lappenator

    mapping for woods

    mestadels enduro men även på crossbanor ,tänkte bara få ner hiten lite så har skaffat kx calibration kitet .har du nå tips ??
  2. lappenator

    mapping for woods

    yes its bit pricey you think :-) 700$ in the states ,just over 1400 $ here in sweden .its a f********ng joke that pricing ,i could almost belive its covered in gold when they sell it here
  3. lappenator

    mapping for woods

    i have a 2014 bike and the calibration kit is also for a 2014 ,but i will need to get me a older computer with windows vista or 7 ,since they havent made the program for 64bit windows 8, strange thinking by kawasaki/keihin since they make a program for an old computer
  4. lappenator

    mapping for woods

    ok do you know how they did it ?? got my own calibration kit so i can do it myself
  5. lappenator

    Ohlins: Are they really worth it?

    i got the Ohlins 2015 rxf fork and ttx shock on my kx450 couldnt ask for a better suspension,i use it both for enduro/hs and mx ,and as i said its the best out there (in my opinion) a little expensive but i can still use them in a new kx just bolt it on and go ,i know that they had a few problems before 2012 and wasnt as good as they are today ,but f you buy a set after 2012 they should be fine
  6. lappenator

    mapping for woods

    hi there has anyone tried to remap their kx450s for woods riding?? trying to smooth down the hit just a notch
  7. lappenator


    Go with the black coupler ,smother power delivery and you will last longer
  8. lappenator

    2016 KX450F

    wow :-)
  9. lappenator

    2016 KX450F

    looks awesome i take 2 ,wonder what changes there is
  10. lappenator

    KX450F 2012 build/conversion

    okey do you have a link for that race ,is that far down i denmark ?? i live in the southern parts of sweden so i only have about 230km then im in denmark (helsingör) and have far can it be from there ?? your bike will be wery nice
  11. lappenator

    Does the 2007 KX450f make more horsepower?

    i think 2012 has the most explosive motor and maybe the most hp as well
  12. lappenator

    kx450 for xc?

    yeah whats wrong with 14/52 works great and if you need more power buy a truck, the bike works awesome even in the tight stuff, i even have it geared 14/50 at some faster tracks
  13. lappenator

    2014 kx450f XC

    must be someone out there who has tested the calibration kit
  14. lappenator

    KX450F 2012 build/conversion

    hi mikkel Jorgen from sweden here ,i just want to ask you if you know if the competition danmark grand national still runs
  15. check out my bike under the topic kx450f xc i run dunlop 32 or 52 depends devol radiator guards tm chain slide guide and skidplate (works fantastic ) ims 3,4 gallon gastank, did chain and renthal sprockets (geared between 14/50 and 14/52 ) ZAP handlebar and wheels and brakeline mount, X-trig triple (21 or 23mm offset ) and finally acerbis x-seat i would also recommend ez fill makes it a lot easier to check frontfork pressure ,good luck with your new bike