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  1. lovethosehondas

    Just bought a very low use 2000 XR 200

    Here's a shop manual for a 2000-2002 XR 200. Hope it helps you.
  2. I bought mine on ebay; it's called a Motion Pro timing plug wrench and cost around $ 18.00.
  3. lovethosehondas

    XR200 Valve / Camchain adjustment

    Thanks Chuck for the good advice; cam chain is now quiet and the valves look good. While I was poking around the bike I pulled the new spark plug that was installed recently and noticed it had a moist and dark colouring around the tip. Could this indicate a rich fuel mixture which could be causing the sputtering when I give it throttle ( 1/4 - 1/3 turn ) ? The air filter and carb have been recently cleaned too. As always any help is appreciated.
  4. lovethosehondas

    XR200 Valve / Camchain adjustment

    Thanks Chuck for the diagram and the link for the camchain adjustment; will definatly give it a shot. If I suspect the valves need adjustment should I do them first then the chain or does it matter?
  5. lovethosehondas

    XR200 Valve / Camchain adjustment

    Hi everyone, I'm sure this subject has been covered somewhere before but had a few questions... I recently bought a 2001 XR200 and the engine was a little noisy so I loosened the camchain adjuster and the engine quieted right down. When I tightened the adjuster back up the original noise came back. This was done with the engine idling and warm. If the noise comes back after tightening the adjuster does that mean the chain needs replacing? Also, would anyone know what size wrench the valve adjuster hole caps need? I have a set of straight feeler gauges and can they be bent to get a proper valve clearance measurement? The bike is a little hard to start when it has been sitting a while and when being ridden it is noisy, sputters and seems to hesitate a little under throttle. I have cleaned the carb, changed the oil and air filter and I am thinking the only thing left that could be causing this is a valve clearance issue. The previous owner said it hadn't been used for 3 years. Thanks for any help.
  6. lovethosehondas

    XR200 Decals

    Thanks again Chuck.
  7. lovethosehondas

    XR200 Decals

    Would any of you fine folks know if a set of XR250 decals would fit a XR200 without trimming them? My son wants to dress up his bike a little and ebay has a lot of stuff for a 250, not so much for a 200. Thanks for any help.
  8. lovethosehondas

    Castrol oil in a XR100 and XR200

    I guess synthetic 4 stroke motor oil is OK to use even though the bikes have had normal oil all their lives? The 100 takes 10W30. Can I use 5W40 or 10W40 in the 100 as I don't see Rotella T6 listed as a 10W30? Would the 5W40 be alright in my 200 as well? Thanks again everyone for the input.
  9. lovethosehondas

    Castrol oil in a XR100 and XR200

  10. lovethosehondas

    Castrol oil in a XR100 and XR200

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and would like to say thanks for having me! Just a quick question: has anyone had issues with using Castrol 10W40 oil instead of the Honda brand? Is there a difference besides price? I have a 2000 XR100 and 2001 XR200. Thanks for any advice.