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  1. Highdraglowspeed

    New XR250L

    With Rotella T6 Diesel oil the detergents don't harm the engine?
  2. Highdraglowspeed

    New XR250L

    No I haven't checked the valve lash, I'll have to look up how in the chiltons manual.
  3. Highdraglowspeed

    New XR250L

    I appreciate the tips on the jets, when I get done rebuilding the little Chinese Pit bike I might pull the carb on the 250 and check the numbers to see, I am thinking it may be stock only because most people seem to say that once up jetted the bike will start with only a kick or two, mine usually takes 8-12 when the engine is ambient Temp with choke fully on.
  4. Highdraglowspeed

    New XR250L

    So a high quality multi weight then? I thought it was just a single weight like SAE 30. That's what I had topped it off with when I first brought her home since I've been using it in my XR200R.
  5. Highdraglowspeed

    Baja 70cc pocket project

    Picked it up for a 100 from a kid that needed the money, it had been sitting for a year after they ran the back tire off it and the carburetor got clogged. So I got it running and ordered all the assorted bearings tires and tubes to get it rolling again, but I would like to do something with it, no idea what yet but some kind of modification, something that will make it taller for 6'4" of me to ride the damn thing easier, and then maybe fiddle with the engine to squeeze a little more power out of it. Anybody have any ideas, crazy suggestions, or experience? It may be late and I may be an idiot but throwing the swing arm wheels and forks from a 125 dirt runner might be a diverting project.
  6. Highdraglowspeed

    New XR250L

    The bike is covered in JetsRUs.com stickers, I'm wondering if it has been rejetted? I'm not sure how to tell or of you even can. Thanks for the advice on the oil, I noticed she was a little low when I picked her up. What oils do you all run in your XR250s?
  7. Highdraglowspeed

    New XR250L

    I bought a 96 XR250L for 1500 a few weeks ago and have just finished fixing the minor little things that were broken on it , mirrors turn signals replaced the front tube, etc. I need to do an oil change on it still. How do you guys like the xr250 for around town driving and commuting? And is there anything issuewise that I should look out for on this bike?
  8. Highdraglowspeed

    New to Thumper Talk

    Hello all, I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself, I own an 86 XR200R that my brother and I found in a neighbors barn and put back together. New to motorcycles in general but I'm learning, and without injury thus far.