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  1. Thanks:D
  2. We just changed it before I rode it and its sinthettic dirt bike oil but it could be
  3. Take off the griper and there will be a plastic tuning in between the griper and the mettle a little could be broken off causing it to stick or it could have something in there
  4. yeah i already tried to ajust it but that dident work out so i think its just to thick of a griper
  5. riding in the rain is the best
  6. they have enough power and they keep there value pretty good because they are in demand for racing
  7. i almost never let others ride my bike one time one of my frends rode my bike and took out an entire tree with it he wasent hurt but my bikes pipe was bent up alot
  8. title pretty much says it all graphics rims hubs ect. go pictures to
  9. i have a 07 yz250f it,s a awsome bike
  10. i have a 07 yz250f... I will start my bike and then put it in 1st gear with the clutch all the way in but it will still move some even with the cluch in all the way why does it do that???
  11. thanks i will look into that