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  1. thanks alex, I actually have the KX already, just want to put the KLX bottom end in it, so if it all works, I shouldn't have a problem.....
  2. My team LAMEco / Race for the is racing an 08 KX450 in the Baja 1000, trying to find out if we can mount a kx450F top end on a KLX 450 bottom end to get the extra gear, and more oomph in the fast stuff, is it worth my time, and more important than that, is it worth the money for the mod
  3. my team LAMEco/Race for the is racing a 08 KX450 in the Baja 1000, we need more oomph, in the fast stuff, need to know if I can put the kx450F top end on a KLX 450 bottom end, to get the extra gearing. can it happen, and more important is it worth the time and money.