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    bought blown up in the process of rebuilding
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    bought blown up in the process of rebuilding
  2. Hey just got a 1984 rm 125 for a summer project and it's missing the front radiator plastics and the rear ones, where do you think I could get some? Ya and idk why the guy painted it black
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    project bike
    project bike
  4. once.
  5. its probably less work and money just to get a crank ay?
  6. my weed wacker engine.
  7. im selling my bike. how much should i ask? needs new connecting rod and just rebuilt the top end. how much? its a 93' cr125 any buyers????? lol
  8. did i fix it? please tell me lol
  9. what kind?
  10. Oh shit ill get on that
    1993 cr125
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    1993 cr125
  12. hey i have a 1993 cr125 i am selling. do you think this is a good price for the condition of the bike?