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  1. love the horn, only on a DS haha! reminds me of scott summers racing big xr's
  2. I like! , wonder how it does in the dirt
  3. Not mine, I wish, most likely a homemade silencer
  4. id like to go up a mount and claim it as my territory
  5. way to celebrate
  6. No wonder, I wish I could ride like that in the US
  7. Where is this filmed?
  8. Ive always thought of taking a supermoto into a store, sliding thru the slick floor and getting groceries done in half the time
  9. I ride air cooled b/c its what I can afford! na, not really, I love how easy it is to ride. I can go thru some nasty climbs and it just crawls like no other!
  10. Ok so I got the bulb into the housing, now how do I connect it to the hot wire? Im thinking cut the original bulb holder, splice the hot wire and add a female connector to it so I can connect it together
  11. My neighbor has a liberty, looks like an 08+ and I think hes had it since new, but one thing I can definitely tell is that he likes it alot, takes it everywhere he goes
  12. Yea looks like Im gonna have to sacrifice some, the Cherokees got everything I want, and id figure that similar trucks are gonna get the same mpg
  13. heres what i found that i liked a little ugly but these trucks can look nice once there fixed up if i had the choice now i would get the 4runner, im biased to toyota but try to be open minded with other brands/models