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  1. Baldeagleracing

    03 RM 250 Not staying running?

    Nothing clogged. Old pluged looked like it was firing fine. have not pulled pipe off yet. I just tested the ignation coil. It tested at .1 ohms the manual says it should be .17-.46 and when we looked to see how much spark with a screw driver held 1/2'' away we could not get it to arch across. Ever seen one of these go out?
  2. Baldeagleracing

    03 RM 250 Not staying running?

    DUDE/ Puzzle Spark / gas ? Reeds look goog; carb clean* magneto key good? all seems good, no fire @ =still no fire in the hole. ??? New Plug
  3. Baldeagleracing

    03 RM 250 Not staying running?

    Last Sunday 1/2 hour into Enuro at low RPM it stopped and would not stay running. Like a fuel issue. Pulled carb all appers ok. Comprssion seems ok it wants to blow past my thunmb, but not to hard. It just started up after much kicking and a back fire and as long as I hold some throttle to her it stays running but feels not right. Any ideas? Ehaust Valve ? Top End ? Thank