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  1. Thx for the advice, I do not ride at night, too many animals and other things where i live. Main purpose is so i don't mush them into a tree or the dirt. So i will prob go with clear.
  2. Nice looking tail ya got there!! Think I have a Xmas present for myself.. Cant wait to drop that fat ass light!! Thanks
  3. Looking to upgrade my turn an rear break lights... Found these <> Also saw a post about some from lowe's but no pics and could not find anything similar.. Anyone have a rear break light for me?>
  4. DRz S. Any hints on removing the carb I should know?
  5. Stock as stock can be..
  6. Hopefully this is an easy one.. 2001 DRz about 3000 mi.. Had petcock leak. Fixed... Now the bike idles fine, accelerates fine low in RPMs, can make it through all gears. But if I give it to much throttle she bogs ans sputters... Bogs same place for every gear. Thinking clogged jet in Carb? Thx for the help
  7. Got the diaphragm replacement and fits like a glove. But that is not the end to my woes.
  8. Yes same supplier. They are buy now items, So if you search Fuel petcock kit Suzuki GZ250 GSF600 GSF600S GSF1200 GSF1200S Bandit. You will get everything you need. For 25$
  9. So i Believe I found a rebuild kit for the petcock.. Also a diaphragm can be bought separately ...IF this uses the same petcock as a GFS 600 and 1200.. Here it is Have had my petcock apart enough, all parts look the same.. Due to the 4th will not know till Monday. Will update
  10. I have read this over and over. If you read carefully on page two it lists the part number... Just kidding here it is....Yamaha Raptor part # is 1 5lp-24500-01-00
  11. I am looking for information on the diaphragm.. I have a leak that is coming out the hole in the spacer. Is it possible to replace this diaphragm, if so any idea where to get the parts? Thank you
  12. Ok for what i have read, fix__st__40 I have the leak in the spacer between the two diaphragms. It was said that I am up fecal creek without a propulsion device. And I hear banjos. Is this true? Anyone find a replacement diaphragms? IS this just caused by old age? Also have been told that someone out there has rebuilt the OEM? Thx
  13. Ok now that we have looked through the bike dictionary, From what I have read If my diaphragm in the Petcock is gone, i am screwed. Is that a correct assumption? THx
  14. I have about 3,500 mi. Yea, I know, Not enough. Sat brand new in my buddies garage way for too long. At what Mi should I be looking to rebuild the top end?