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  1. 219848

    2017 500 EXC Footbrake Rebuild

    Measure the bore of the bearing and figure out the four digit bearing code. Probably 6002. Take that code to bearing shop and buy replacement bearings for 10% the price of the kit.
  2. 219848

    2017 500 EXC Footbrake Rebuild

  3. 219848

    2017 500 EXC Footbrake Rebuild

    - Find a bearing chart on google. - Measure the ID and OD of the bearing - with the bearing code you should be able to source the bearing from any bearing shop.
  4. That's why you use water wetter for the corrosion protection.
  5. Water is a better coolant than antifreeze. Try water and water wetter, just make sure you change it before cooler temperature comes...
  6. M16x2 is a perfect fit, machine the inserts with a small sholder. Install with Loctite, hold up to the nastiest tumbles.
  7. 219848

    Ownership in previous owners name

    In Ontario you can buy the used vehicle package, it gives the names of previous owners. Call that guy and get his signature or tell him your signing it for him. I've done it, no prob.
  8. JB weld might work temporally but when it comes loose in the motor it would be a nightmare. It's not magnetic who knows where it will end up. I don't think you will get a professional welder to even turn on the tig welder for under $100. Best option in my opinion is a new case half.
  9. Just because you point a mig welder at metal and pull the trigger doesn't mean it is welded. You should take it to someone who knows how to weld if you plan on riding that death tap.
  10. Don't worry to much about the chain, That frame is going to break in half over the first bump.
  11. I can't read the wire labels but if you connect the wire feeding the switch, looks like maybe B1 to both the head light wires looks like A10 the head lights will be on when the key is on.
  12. 219848

    trouble with e start on 2010 530 exc

    Sounds like a problem with the " torque limiter ". They can be adjusted or just replaced.
  13. I have a 2009 exc 450 It has 18-20 machined into the upper triple Does that mean it has adjustable offset triples? If yes, how do you adjust the offset? I can't find anything about it in the manual. Thanks!
  14. 219848

    2013 KTM 500 EXC Wheel Balance

    If you are trying to guess where and how much weight to put on the wheel, it could be very many attempts before you get it right. You need a balancing stand.