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  1. Yeah I cannot wait to get these replaced and hit the track!@krider250f thanks for the help man
  2. @krider250f because my friends kawi 450 suspension feels sooooo good, like floating. I couldn't understand why mine didn't feel like this until I looked and all my bearings were seized.
  3. @krider250f thanks man I'm going to hit it with sand paper and make sure there is no lip sticking up before I press the new bearings in. Trying to dial in my suspension. Would the seized bearings make that much of a difference from it feeling stiff to feeling dialed in?
  4. Yeah that's what I'm afraid of[mention=265866]krider250f[/mention] I don't want them to seize up again. I'm changing them because my suspension was stiff from them being seized up, couldn't push down on the seat when it was on the stand or off the stand. Wouldn't budge. It should have a little play right?
  5. I went to change out the bearings in my 2013 crf450r lower linkage & everything was seized up!!! I had a hard time getting the wishbone bearings race out! After breaking off the lips I could not get them out to save my life so I cut them. My question is can I put the new bearings in and it will be okay with the cut mark or is the wishbone trash?
  6. Hey William, I have another question if you don't mind. Would a 0.4 inch exhaust cause the bike fail to start? I had to be at work and I've been having problems with my bike not starting. One day at the track it bogged down and I went off the track and after cooling down it started right up again. Took it home and took it off the truck and it wouldn't start to save my life. Sound like a valve issue? I didn't have time to check my intake but I know I checked my exhaust and they both were 0.4 inch or 0.11mm. Which is super tight, right? When checking the intake do i need to press down on the rocker arms or leave them free?
  7. Thanks dude! I ended up putting a notch counter clock wise and just slapping it counter clock wise with a hammer and BOOm!
  8. Bought the bike and went to check valve clearance and BOOM I find this!!!
  9. I know you said you have spark but you could watch this video and get an idea
  10. I was watching a video last night and this guy found out that there was some metal chunks stuck his stator that kept grounding out his bike and it wouldn't start because of it
  11. Isn't the stator your main source? I'm in the same boat you're in man I know how to turn a wrench and trouble shoot a few things but don't know enough.
  12. I'm kinda having the same issue with my bike. I have a 2013 crf450r. My bike last week started perfect with no issues. Came out to fire it up and nothing it fell on its face. After checking valve clearance are in spec, putting new spark plug in the bike (gets good spark) new fuel filter and I hooked up a 9v to my fuel pump to make sure it works. Fuel pump works. Only way to start my bike is to spray a little starting fluid in it. I only did it once to see what blinking code on the kill switch it would give me. It ran perfect with the choke on and off and the kill switch did not give me any blinks at all. Any ideas? I feel we have the same issues. Will not start without starting fluid. But runs perfect once it's started
  13. Not to mention kawi air suspension for a 2013 is a little easier to dial on but I don't know about air suspension you should definitely ride air suspension before you buy. different rebound and feeling but air forks are 100x easier to work on but need more attention
  14. I have a 2013 crf450r. I've had it a few months and I've had plenty of time to get use to it. Bottom end power is unbelievable and I'm starting to get use to it. Really though, who needs to get outta 3rd.... well on a local track. I have a buddy that has a 2013 kx450f and wow I wish I would of bought a kawi instead of the Honda. Coming from a Honda rider for life.
  15. I need your help! I have a 2010 crf450r. When i got it, it took almost 20 kicks to start it and wouldn't staying running without the choke on and now it wont even start? I forgot to check the damn intake and exhaust with filler gauges before i took them out. I did measure the shims with a digital caliper though one being (1.99mm) and the other being (1.97mm) I was not sure which one was which either. Facing the back of the bike, looking down at the buckets the right one was 1.99mm and the left being 1.97mm. I need to know if i have to put it back together to get the clearance with the filer gauges and what size shim do i need to order to fix this problem? I did use the filler gauges on the rocker arms though, i couldn't fit the smallest gauge under it?!?!?!